Revealuxion is an artistic, interactive garment, using brainwaves, LEDs, and body movements. The title combined with Reveal and Lux, which mean to reveal myself through the intensity of illumination. It was inspired by chrysalis and marionettes.

What inspired you to make this project?:
My project is a personal, artistic performance using an experimental, interactive, wearable garment that is connected to my brainwaves. My concept concentrates on self-esteem, self-portrait, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. I express my internal feelings and emotions in front of audiences through the garment, which means I will reveal my true self instead of a version of myself that is fake, sealed up, or hidden behind technology. Ultimately, I aim to find ways to reach catharsis, with spectators, through empathetic engagement.

Project Website
Categories: Wearables, Arduino, Art & Design, Engineering
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