HugMatch is an interactive toy for 2-5 year old visually impaired and non visually impaired children. It stimulates the senses that develop at this age. Children are entertained by toys made with different fabrics and toys that can make sound.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Many people live with different types of disabilities. They are limited by their impairment in many ways and these limitation can be the cause of them getting emotional/mental disorders. The level of stress and difficulty of the limitation depend on the form and complication of the impairment. Above all impairments, visual impairment and disability that require wheelchair can cause most stress and complication. People with these impairments are challenged everyday with everything from accessing to information, mobility, eating and using bathroom. These difficulties limit their chance to experience and connect with society. Other difficulties also include discrimination and unwanted attention from people.

Since I grew up with an Uncle who has a disability, I know how difficult it is to be disabled and the kind of discrimination you have to endure as a disabled person. I always aspire to create something that is emotionally rich and grounded in meaning as a designer. I try to keep myself passionate in assisting someone who is in need of help. I also believe that inspiring surroundings can have positive effect on its people’s lives.

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Categories: Education, Arduino, Art & Design, Kids Under 5 yo, 3D Imaging