The Automated Adaptive Directed Evolution Chamber (AADEC) evolves microorganisms in a user defined way and is automatic! This device can be used to make organisms resistant to a certain type of light, chemical, medicine or environment (like outer spa

Amy Moffet

Amy is a recently graduated bioengineer from UCSC and doubles as the project manager. She does biology experiments on tiny organisms and keeps the team in check!

Nathan Wong

Nathan is a newly minted electrical engineer from San Jose State University situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. When he is not trying to fix and improve our technology, he is helping our newer students with their tasks on the project.

Stephanie Owyang

Stephanie is a fourth- year Electrical Engineering student focusing on Optics. She designs the circuits, lays out the boards and solders the circuits. She actually finds soldering relaxing, hope it's not the solder talking.

Aaron Storrs

Aaron is a robotics engineering student at UCSC. In addition to robotics and computer engineering, he is working on the software behind our project and surfs in his free time.

Daniel Ruatta

Daniel is a Robotics major at UCSC. He likes long walks on the beach, smooth guitar solos, and being in lab for weeks at a time. His hobbies include river-dancing, not reading emails, and writing dense C code with variables like "dog" and "banana".

Cory Ibanez

Cory is a fourth- year Computer Engineering student with a focus in Robotics and Control Systems. He is the programmer whose code is always robust. Robust code or bust!

Justin Blaich

Justin is a 4th computer engineering student at UC Santa Cruz. He currently spends his time working on engineering projects and working on other engineering projects.