The AQUATROPE is a self powered and electric, pedal-assisted mobile art sculpture.
Created to explore how intertwined we are to water, the Aquatrope has eight art discs with holistic message about how profoundly vital water is to our human existence

What inspired you to make this project?:
My passion to help people understand their connection to the natural world and their responsibility to the larger web of life inspired me to build this project! My goal is that once they experience the messages that I present creatively, they will make positive change in their own lives and get involved to create a healthy environment for all living things.
I want to reach a full age spectrum of people. I think, if I blend just the right amount of art and technology I will achieve this. At first glance, I want people to be drawn into the work I create, to have it peak their curiosity. Then, I want to hold their attention and tell them powerful stories.

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Categories: Art & Design, Bicycles, Education, Vehicles, Fabrication
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