Maker Faire has developed a set of guidelines that School Maker Faires are required to follow. Please review these carefully before registering your event. School Maker Faire Characteristics

  • The focus of School Maker Faires is student work: group or individual. We recommend something in the range of the following: 70% student work / 20% adult work / 10% hands-on making stations.
  • Projects can be from any discipline (science, art, math, sports, etc.) and cross-discipline or interdisciplinary.
  • The event is produced by and for that school community, and is not marketed or promoted publicly to the broader community or city.
  • Event is free to attend. Donations and sponsorships to support the event may be collected, not exceeding $5,000.
  • Makers do not pay to participate or show.
  • The school hosting the event serves primarily kindergarten to 12th grade (or international equivalent).
  • School Maker Faires are not promoted beyond the immediate school community, except by personal invitation. Any online visibility of the School Maker Faire event happens within current school websites or existing social media feeds, but no top-level, standalone, online presence with “MakerFaire” in the name. Print collateral is limited to distribution to the local school community.

If you are a school district or more than a single school, or if you want to focus on community makers and not student work, and/or if you are a college or university, and/or you plan to market your event beyond the immediate school community, please apply through our city-facing Mini Maker Faire program at

What a Maker Faire License or School Maker Faire Registration  Provides:

  • Permission to use the Maker Faire name in the title of the event, and to create a custom School Maker Faire logo
    • Note: any unregistered School Maker Faire, even one that is held without any money exchanged, violates Maker Faire’s trademark
  • Access to the School Maker Faire Playbook: a how-to guide with checklists and other tools to help you make your Maker Faire
  • Access to the School Maker Faire Organizer Network
  • Templates and source files for graphic assets
  • Placement on the School Maker Faire Map
  • Access to discounted school subscription package to Make: magazine

Required Workflow

  • Register your School Maker Faire, using our form.
  • Design a School Maker Faire logo which adheres to usage guidelines detailed in the School Maker Faire Playbook.
    • Share the logo set alongside an announcement of your Maker Faire in the School Maker Faire private community.
  • Complete post-event survey within 30 days after event date.
  • Re-register for each successive School Maker Faire event. (Pre- and post-event reporting will be considered for renewal applications.)


  • You agree to maintain, at your expense and in your (the licensee’s) name, sufficient insurance to cover liability for bodily injury, property damage, and death arising out of your activities related to the School Maker Faire event. NOTE: this generally is covered under your existing school policy.

Marketing and PR

  • You agree to promote only through a sub-page on the existing school websites (such as one ending in /makerfaire) and social media channels. Do not create top-level domains or standalone social media feeds for the event. If you have ambitions beyond these marketing guidelines, please contact
  • Any websites and programs include the About Maker Faire language.


  • Sponsorships and donations for the event are limited to $5,000 gross. All funds raised must be used to pay for the event itself or for maker-related curriculum, staffing or materials at school (such as starting a school makerspace or maker club.) If you have ambitions beyond this fundraising limit, please contact
    • Sponsor and donor logos can appear in a “Thank You” section on the website, print program, and banners at event.
    • Crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) are acceptable.