If you are interested in joining the growing global community of Mini Maker Faires and applying for a license to produce a Mini Maker Faire, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Mini Maker Faire Application. This will help us better understand your goals, vision, resources and experience. Maker Faire is looking for applicants who evidence connection to the maker community in your area, an appreciation of the goals of Maker Faire, and fundamental organizational, promotional and production experience that will translate into a quality event.Please understand that we request that applications are made at the very minimum of SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE of your proposed faire date. Nine to twelve months advance time is a more desirable time frame.NOTE: for events in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan or Taiwan, please first contact sabrina@makerfaire.com.
  2. Generate at least five “pledges” of support from your community from a deliberate range of local makers or maker organizations.  We’re looking here for endorsements of the applicants, as well as evidence of relationships with makers and their support for a Mini Maker Faire in their community. Share this link with potential supporters:  http://goo.gl/forms/jZ5rd9OSef
  3. Complete the Mini Maker Faire Budget Worksheet.

Once your supporting documents (letters & budget) have been submitted, you can reach out to schedule a G+ Hangout video conference (preferred) or Skype or phone call with your core team members.

If your application is approved, then we will execute a licensing agreement. This agreement is a legal contract that articulates basic requirements for producing a Mini Maker Faire in exchange for use of the Maker Faire brand. In plain words, the agreement states that you have a twelve-month period in which to organize one Mini Maker Faire, and that Maker Faire is not responsible for losses or risks associated with your event.

In the meantime, if you are serious about putting on a Mini Maker Faire, please invest the time in coming and experiencing a “big” Maker Faire. We can write and write and write about a Maker Faire, but it’s nothing like attending one yourself!

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!