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Provide a short, catchy name for your project. Response limited to 50 characters
For the Maker Faire team, explain what your project is and describe what you will actually be bringing to Maker Faire. This information will not be made public. Be as descriptive as possible.

Public Project Info:

This information will be public and will appear on your exhibit sign, our website and our mobile app.
We need a short, concise description. Limited to 225 characters.
File must be at least 500px wide or larger. PNG, JPG or GIF formats only.
Example: http://www.mygreatproject.com/
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD_JpGgUFQQ
Including food in your exhibit may require a Health Permit. Details will be emailed to you after acceptance.
Cause or mission-based organization
Established company or commercial entity
None of the above
Large non-profits and cause/mission based organizations qualify for reduced exhibit rates based on their organization’s annual budget. Please list your annual budget below, complete the rest of this form, and the Maker Faire team will contact you with details. This statement does not apply to makerspaces or hackerspaces, which receive free exhibit space at Maker Faire.
Established companies and commercial entities do not qualify for free exhibit space, which is what this application form is for. We have great opportunities available at Maker Faire for companies, please visit our sponsors page. Please do not complete the rest of this form.

If you would like to sell or market your own creations at Maker Faire, you are a “Commercial Maker”. Due to high demand, we have a limited amount of Commercial Maker space available. If accepted, a Commercial Maker Fee of $425 is due on September 5.

All Commercial Maker spaces are tabletop or 10x10 spaces and include 1 table and 2 chairs. Additional tables, chairs and power can be purchased after acceptance during the payment process. Please continue to fill out this form.

Established companies do not qualify as Commercial Makers. We have great opportunities available at Maker Faire for companies. Do not fill out this form, please visit our sponsors page.

Describe and list the price range of your product(s).
My exhibit is mobile (no fixed exhibit space needed)
10' x 10'
10' x 20'
Other - Tell us your space size request below
Makers who are selling or marketing products are considered Commercial Makers and can only have a mobile, tabletop or 10x10 space for the standard $425 fee. 10x20 spaces or larger are available for sponsors of Maker Faire. Please visit our sponsors page for more information.
Tell us the dimensions of your required space.
Exhibits are typically allocated 1 table and 2 chairs.
No tables or chairs needed
1 table and 2 chairs
More than 1 table and 2 chairs. Specify your request below
If you require additional tables or chairs, list total quantities below.
Layouts are optional but can be helpful in our planning. To upload later, submit your application now, then login to your maker account and edit your application to upload your layout.
If yes, please include a description of your hands-on activity in answer to the second question above, “Tell us about your project”.
Is there an exhibit or group you are affiliated with or a subject area you would like to be placed with at Maker Faire?
Most exhibits requesting inside space will be placed outside under large tents. Inside spaces are very limited and not uniformly shaped.
With other Makers under a large tent
Open air
I can bring a tent/canopy with weights
Normal - does not interfere with normal conversation
Amplified - adjustable level of amplification
Repetitive or potentially annoying sound
Does your exhibit require an external power source?
To ensure you have adequate power onsite, it's essential we know the amount you need in advance.
To find the total amperage you require, find the amperage listing on the back of each piece of equipment you plan to use onsite and add up the amps from each item.
 - All options below are for a 120V circuit (normal US house circuit.)
 - If you require a 208V or 240V circuit, explain your requirements in the comment box provided.
5 amp circuit (0-500 watts, 120V)
10 amp circuit (501-1000 watts, 120V)
15 amp circuit (1001-1500 watts, 120V)
20 amp circuit (1501-2000 watts, 120V)
My exhibit requires power, but I need help determining my total power amperage
Special power requirements noted below
No internet access needed
It would be nice to have WiFi internet access
My exhibit must have WiFi internet access to work
Does your exhibit use or disrupt radio frequencies?
Remote Control (enter frequency band below)
Amateur radio or CB
ZigBee on 900 MHz
ZigBee on 2.4 GHz
WiFi Internet access
My own local WiFi cloud on 2.4 GHz
My own local WiFi cloud on 5 GHz (discouraged)
I would use a private WiFi cloud if you provided one
Something else on 900 MHz
Something else on 2.4 GHz
Something else on 5 GHz (discouraged, please explain below)
Something with an antenna, but I have no idea what



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The Maker Information below is specific to your Maker Faire Application. Changes you make will not affect your Maker Profile.
This is the email address we will send all acceptance and logistical email to - please make sure you type it in carefully.
One maker
A list of makers
A group or association
This name, bio and photo will appear on your exhibit sign and on our website.
Limited to 200 characters or less.
Enter your twitter username (e.g. @makerfaire).
File must be at least 500px wide or larger. PNG, JPG or GIF formats only.
These names, bio and photo will appear on the Maker Faire website and mobile app.
This bio will appear on the Maker Faire website and mobile app. Limited to 200 characters.
Enter your twitter username (e.g. @makerfaire).
File must be at least 500px wide or larger. PNG, JPG or GIF formats only.
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A Group or Association

This name, bio and photo will appear on the Maker Faire website and mobile app.
Limited to 200 characters or less.
File must be at least 500px wide or larger. PNG, JPG or GIF formats only.
Example: http://www.groupwebsite.com/
Enter your groups twitter username (e.g. @makerfaire).

Private Contact Information (for Maker staff use only)

Street Address
Address Line 2
State / Province
Postal/Zip Code

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To help people find your exhibit on our website and at Maker Faire, please select a maximum of 5 topics below which apply to your project.

    Upload anything else related to your exhibit you'd like to share with us.
    Who is familiar with you, your exhibit or other things you have made? Were you referred to Maker Faire or asked to fill out this application? If so, who referred you?

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