Maker Faire’s mission is to create an environment of hands-on sharing and discovery, and to inspire more people to make things!

Show & Tell

Makers participating purely by sharing their project and inspiring others to make are not asked to pay an exhibit fee.

Maker Faire aims to create a fun, engaging, and inspiring event. We ask that the focus of all exhibits is on the DIY nature and show & tell, NOT focused on branding or marketing a product or service.

Market or Sell

An exhibit fee may apply to Makers or organizations with marketing or sales intentions, such as the following:
    • Any exhibitor with marketing intentions
    • Exhibitors selling or promoting a product or service
    • Registered non-profits marketing their organization
Maker Faire exhibit fees range from $500 to $1,500 and are based on the exhibitor’s marketing intentions and size of their organization. Marketing must follow our guidelines and branding is reserved for paying exhibitors. Please be advised that signage and branding that exceed our guidelines may be asked to be removed when onsite. Instructional signage is fine and encouraged, signage aimed at promoting a brand or Logo need to fall within the limitations stated below.

Baseline exhibit fees by Maker Type

    • Commercial Makers:: Individuals who would like to sell or market products or services along with demonstrating what they make at their maker exhibit. There is a $500 exhibit fee for an exhibit space, one 8′ table, 2 chairs, and up to 5 event-long entry passes for the Makers helping in your booth. The amount of exhibit space used for branding and commercial activities must be kept to an approximate 5’x10′ tabletop space.
      Branded signage is limited up to 10 sq. ft..
      Power is purchased separately.

    • Please note, startup companies, corporate entities, and established companies do not qualify as Commercial Makers; we have great opportunities available for you — please see the Startup Company application form or the Sponsor page for information.

    • Non-Profit and Cause or Mission Based Associations: Organizations that would like to participate in Maker Faire are asked to pay a $1500 exhibit fee for up to a 10’x10’ exhibit space, one 8′ table, 2 chairs, and up to 5 event-long entry passes for the Makers helping in your booth. Additional entry passed can be purchased at a highly discounted rate.
      Branded signage is limited to up to 10 sq. ft..
      Power is purchased separately.
      This exhibit fee does not apply to makerspaces or hackerspaces, which receive free exhibit space at Maker Faire.
      If you are interested in more flexibility in your exhibit space size and marketing opportunities, please see our Sponsor page for information.

      If your organization cannot afford this fee, please continue to fill out the application, indicate you are a Non-Profit or Organization and provide us with details in the application form. We will take this into consideration while reviewing your application.

    • Accessible to all

      Maker Faire is an expensive show to produce, if you are there with commercial interests we ask that you contribute to the cost of putting on the show. If you have concerns on the affordability of Maker Faire, we encourage you to fill out the application and give us information about your plans at Maker Faire and the requested information on your organization’s profile.

      We do not want an exhibit fee to prohibit Makers from participating in Maker Faire. On occasion we are moved by certain Maker projects and will work with you on a case by case basis to find the appropriate exhibit fee to help bring your project to Maker Faire.