Set Up Information

Your Maker Entry Passes will be scanned at the gates. Once through the gates you will have obtained your Maker Entry Pass you should next visit the workshop area to check-in.

The workshop area is located inside Fiesta Hall, Zone 3, Southwest corner. Look for the ‘Workshop’ banner.

We recommend you check-in during our designated Set Up times to assure you are able to see the workshop space and discuss your plan with the Workshop Manager.

If not loading in during standard set up times, your items will need to be hand carried onsite and nearby parking can not be confirmed.
No vehicles will be permitted to Load-in as of one half hour before Set-up time ends

Set Up & Showtime

Thursday, May 16Friday, May 17Saturday, May 18Sunday, May 19
Set Up 10am – 6pmSet Up 7:30am – 12:30pmSet Up 7:30am – 9:30amSet Up 8:00am – 9:30am
Showtime 1pm – 5pmShowtime 10am – 7pmShowtime 10am – 6pm
Maker Mixer 5pm – 6pm*Strike 6pm – 9pm
Maker Dinner 6pm – 8pm*
*Times are subject to change.

Workshop Supplies and Resources

Please be sure that you have discussed and confirmed all your workshop requirements with the Workshop team before the Resource Request cuts-off date shown below. Email your Maker Faire workshop contact or with your requests.

Resource Request Cut-off: April 27th


Supplies may be securely stored near the workshop area. The Workshop Manager can receive and store your supplies.

Tables & Chairs

All workshop spaces will be already set up with tables and chairs for your participants. If you have a specific layout requirement please discuss with the Workshop team ahead of Maker Faire as we’ll work with you to accommodate.


All workshop tables will have power strips for any tools or devices you may have participants use.

Audio / Visual

Your workshop space will include a large screen monitor for you to use. Please bring your own laptop and video adapter. There may be availability to have amplified sound and a microphone. Please discuss this with the Workshop team should you feel a microphone or audio output is necessary for your workshop to be successful.


We have one workshop space outfitted with laptop computers. If your workshop requires participants to use a computer then please discuss with us. If this space hasn’t been requested by you, and agreed upon by us, your workshop will be scheduled in a non-computer enabled workshop space.

Materials & Tools

Unless otherwise discussed, and agreed upon, you will supply all materials and tools required to make your workshop successful. We can however collect a materials fee on your behalf and reimburse you for any related expenses. We will manage the fee collection. In special cases it may be possible for us to also help you source and supply materials and tools. These needs must be discussed with the Workshop team before the Resource Request cut-off date shown above.


You will have at least fifteen minutes for set up before your scheduled workshop time and fifteen minutes after for clean-up. We recommend you check-in no later than one hour before your scheduled workshop time, especially if your workshop has technical requirements, or needs time to train volunteers.

If you require additional time please let us know. The workshop schedule is quite tight, so please be respectful of other workshop presenters and ensure participants can realistically complete the workshop within your allotted time.