Preparing for Maker Faire

This Toolkit helps you navigate the logistics of Presenting, Performing, or providing a scheduled Workshop at Maker Faire. We hope your participation is a positive, memorable event. Together we can make Maker Faire a truly unique, educational, safe and extraordinary experience for all.

If your application is accepted, you will be receiving regular communications in your inbox with important updates and key dates. Be on the lookout for newsletters and emails from [email protected] and [email protected].

Use your Maker Faire Portal to make any needed updates to your entry and to access needed resources.

We update this toolkit frequently. Significant updates will be made late April regarding on parking and Workshop load in and load out logistics.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

Promote your presence

Add Maker Faire to Your Website and Email Signatures

Let the world know that you are an official Maker and will be at Maker Faire! Maker Faire web banners and badges placed on your website will help spread the word about the upcoming Maker Faire. Visit our Promote page for logos, badges, “see me there” banners, postcards and more.

Presenter/Performer Ticketing

All Presenters + Performers must have their Maker Entry Pass or ticket before arriving onsite. (Passes and tickets can be printed or on your device.) It is important for our advance planning that all participants have entry passes prior to the event. We are no longer able to accommodate additions and Maker Check-In. If any problem arises while obtaining your passes, and the issue has not been resolved in advance, come to the Maker Service Center at Gate 8.

Purchase general attendee tickets here.

Maker Entry Passes

Each Presenter or Performer receives:

  • Maximum quantity: 2
  • Fri, Sat & Sun entry pre-show/set-up and show hours

You will be notified when your Entry Passes and Tickets are available via email. If your Entry Passes are not available from your Maker Faire Portal by late April, please email [email protected]

To Obtain Maker Faire Entry Passes

  • Log into the Maker Faire Portal.
  • Click on the GET TICKETS button.
  • Choose your tickets from the list available. This will take you to the Maker Ticketing Eventbrite Site.
  • After finishing the Eventbrite process, your passes and tickets will arrive by email.
  • Distribute passes and tickets to your your team. Make sure that you are distributing the actual ticket and not just the Eventbrite order confirmation. It must have a bar code visible which will be scanned at the gates.
  • Print and bring your pass/ticket to Maker Faire. Each pass/ticket can only be used one time. You will receive a wristband in exchange for your Maker Entry Pass.

One of my Panelists or Performers changed. How do I change the ticket?

The name on the ticket does not have to match the name associated with it. If you’ve already sent the e-ticket, ask him/her to forward it to the new Panelist or Performer. It can only be used once. You do not need to notify us of the change.

Do I have to print my ticket or can I bring my e-ticket on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can bring your pass on your phone or tablet, but it may be easier and foolproof if you print it out. If you decide to keep them on your phone, please download the Eventbrite attendee app.


Shipping Information

If you plan to ship any items to the San Mateo Event Center for Maker Faire:

  • Alert our Shipping Department by filling out the Maker Shipping Form.
  • Please guarantee your delivery anytime Tuesday, May 14, thru Thursday, May 16, direct your delivery with a detailed shipping label that includes all of the following information to:

Maker Faire 2019 – c/o SMEC

Project – Maker Name & Local Phone Number
1346 Saratoga Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact [email protected] and/or speak to your Stage Manager during the event.

Early Shipments

The San Mateo Event Center does not accept freight deliveries in advance of Maker Faire dates. For shipments that may arrive earlier, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

If you need forklift assistance for your package, let us know in advance by completing the Special Request Form. If your shipment arrives on a pallet(s) requiring a forklift to unload and deliver to your space, an $85 per pallet fee will apply.

Finding Packages Onsite

When you arrive for setup, tell your Stage Manager that you have a shipment. They will contact Shipping and Receiving and they will bring your package either to the Stage Manager or your booth.

Return Shipments

Please make appropriate arrangements for a Sunday evening load-out. The San Mateo Event Center and the Maker Faire Production Team will not be held responsible for any items left at the site after 10:00 pm on Sunday, May 19.

Bring packing tape and shipping labels to the site if you plan to ship materials from the event. We do not have shipping supplies or printing onsite. You must have all packages fully packed, labeled and ready for pick up.

We will have a staging area for UPS and FedEx pick up for Monday morning. Your Stage Manager will tell you where the staging area is located. Do not leave them in the stage area.


  • Alert our Shipping Department of Return Shipments by filling out the Maker Shipping Form.
  • Print your bill of lading or shipping label before you leave your hotel. We do not have the ability to print them out onsite.
  • You must call the shipper to arrange pick up – even if you know another exhibit is using the same company. They will not pick up your package, unless you make your own call. The carrier will only pick up packages on their pick-up list.
  • Any shipments left onsite and not picked up on time will be charged additional fees for any storage and handling by our shipping partner, SLI Freight.


General and Fire Safety Plans

If you’re concerned your presentation or performance might put the attendees or your team at risk, please bring any and all concerns to our attention. Email
[email protected]. We will advise you as to whether or not a safety plan is needed.

Safety concern examples: you or your presentation/performance has chemicals, gas, or other items of that nature; your presentation/performance has activity or might require safety barricades; an attendee at your presentation/performance might potentially get hurt in any way; etc.

General Safety Plan vs. Fire Safety Plan:Fill out the General Safety Plan for all general safety issues which do not include concerns about fire or flammable materials. Complete the Fire Safety Plan if heat elements or fire of any size, including candles, small flames, burners, etc. are part of your exhibit. If you’re unsure, email us at [email protected]. It’s important to us that Maker Faire is safe, and we appreciate you checking with us.

Submit a General Safety Plan.
Submit a Fire Safety Plan.

Travel Tips & Resources

Tips for Out-of-Towners

What to Pack: The average temperature in the Bay Area this time of year is 74° F, but it can get chilly in the morning and at night. It is best to pack with layers in mind. Please wear comfortable shoes, bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Be sure to bring a jacket for the evening program; Saturday we will be open until 7:00 pm. You may also want to bring rain gear just in case!

Accommodations: The official hotel of Maker Faire is the Crowne Plaza. The address, phone and group discounts and additional hotel information can be found on the Where to Stay page. Early booking is strongly recommended to secure your room as availability is limited. Maker Faire secures a limited number of discounted rooms for the event.

Nearby Airports: There are three major airports nearby: San Francisco International (SFO), Oakland International (OAK), and San Jose International (SJC). San Francisco International (SFO) is the closest to the event center and recommended hotels.

First Time Makers

Check out this video made by a Maker during Maker Faire Bay Area 2012.


Safety Plans Due – April 5

Health Permit Forms and Fees Due – April 12

Updates to your Photo, Bio, Project Description – April 28

Shipping and Special Request forms Due – May 1

Updates to Requested Resources Due – May 1