Industry, Career & College Day
Friday, May 18th, 9am-1pm

Maker Faire’s first-ever Career and College Day looks at intersection of the future of work and the future of education, and how these changes could benefit those who see themselves as the makers of the future. The day’s program, designed for upper-level high school and college students, as well as makers, will provide insight into the skills and mindset needed to explore new kinds of jobs and find new educational opportunities. You will meet leaders in industry and education who will share their vision of the future, as well as individuals who will share their own story of finding a path to meaningful work.

Featured Speakers

Tim O’Reilly

O’Reilly Media
Founder and CEO

Preparing for the Future of Work:
12:30 PM

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O’Reilly

Preparing for the Future of Work

Brian Shepard

Cogswell College
President and Chief Academic Officer

The Music of Innovation:
10:20 AM

Brian Shepard

Brian Shepard

The Music of Innovation

Sarah Boisvert

Fab Lab Hub

The New Collar Economy:
10:40 AM

Sarah Boisvert

Sarah Boisvert

The New Collar Economy

Talk Program Schedule

10:00 AM Introductions   Dale Dougherty – Founder & CEO, Make:
      Michael Claire – San Mateo College
      Dave Schneider – Cornell
10:20 AM Keynote 1 The Music of Innovation Brian Shepard – President, Cogswell College
10:40 AM keynote 2 The New Collar Economy Sarah Boisivert – Founder, Fab Lab Hub
11:00 AM Keynote 3 Third Industrial Revolution Cyril Ebsweiler – HAX Startup Accelator
11:15 AM Keynote 4 Makers and MIT Chris Peterson – MIT Admissions
11:30 AM   Give Them The Tools John Kavanagh – President, Dremel
      Allison Fishman – Global Brand Director, Dremel
11:45 AM Panel Maker Journeys Tim Bajarin – Emcee
      Janelle Wellens – Instrument Operations Engineer, Jet Propulsion Labs
      Aaron Cunningham – Global Makerspace Lead, Google
      Monica Martinez – Founder and Owner, Don Bugito
      Jose Gutierrez – San Mateo College
      Gina Lujan – Founder, Hacker Lab Sacramento
12:15 PM Panel Making At Community Colleges Tom Cappelletti – Sacramento City College
      Maura Devlin-Clancy – San Francisco City College
12:30 PM Keynote 5 Preparing for the Future of Work Tim O’Reilly – Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media
1:00 PM   Citizen Schools Makers Emily McCann – CEO Citizen School
      Tom Kalil – Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt Futures

Cornell Cup Stage Schedule

9:30 AM Maker Portfolio 101 by Maker Share
10:30 AM Cornell Cup Pitch Sessions
11:30 AM Open Pitch — Get Feedback on Your Product Ideas from Cornell Cup Judges
12:00 PM Maker Portfolio 101 by Maker Share
12:20 AM Making at Cornell, Dave Schneider

Hands-On Making

Learn to Solder


Arduino/Microchip Bose Cabrillo College
City College of San Francisco Cogswell College College of San Mateo
Cornell University Digi-Key Electronics Elkrem, Inc.
FILOALFA – Ciceri de Mondel s.r.l. Holberton School IEEE
Inventrom Private Limited Jameco Electronics Laney College
Micro Center Misty Robotics Sacramento City College
Santa Clara University Seattle University Sierra College
Sonoma State University The Lean Innovation Group THE TACTIGON™