Empire State Maker Faire 2020

Empire State Maker Faire 2020

October 16th & 17th. Call for Makers extended through September 27th.

Regional faires throughout New York state have banded together to create a virtual interactive experience!  Empire State Maker Faire will share the creative work and technical know-how of all kinds of makers who share a passion for making.  The event features demonstrations, performances and how-to workshops, and an online project showcase. 

Empire State Maker Faire is free and open to the public. Makers from around the world are encouraged to apply.

Empire State Maker Faire is presented by the producers of Maker Faires in

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  • Teach attendees a skill or craft
  • Hand-on experience with attendees making throughout the session.
  • Please include a materials list on your application.
  • This will be LIVE Streamed on Friday or Saturday across Maker Faire channels

Performance & Talks

  • Share your skill or passion in an engaging performance or demonstration.
  • This will be LIVE Streamed on Friday or Saturday across Maker Faire channels
  • A pre-recorded 5 minutes or less lightning talk sharing your project, performance, or demo

Demonstrations & Tours

  • A project demonstration.
  • Tour of your makerspace or workshop.
  • This will be LIVE Streamed on Friday or Saturday across Maker Faire channels

Online Exhibits

  • Showcase your Maker Faire project in our collection on Make: Projects
  • Make: Projects is an online project documentation and collaboration platform.
  • Your project will be showcased in the Empire State collection and on your Maker Entry Page. Not live streamed.

Empire Maker Faire 2020 – Call For Makers

Virtually Maker Faire Supplemental FormII

Virtually Maker Faire Supplemental Form

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Promote Virtually Maker Faire

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Virtually Maker Faire Call 2020 for Makers

Virtually Maker Faire – May 23, 2020

Thank you for your interest in Virtually Maker Faire 2020.

We are no longer accepting applications. Please check out our full line up at https://makerfaire.com/virtually-maker-faire-2020/meet-the-makers/

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