TrasHion Show with Kids: Design Techniques and Show Planning


How do you teach kids to sew if the fabric is trash? Wait, how do you get kids to even wear trash? These questions and more are discussed when the Coordinator for Sunol Glen School Trashion Collective, Cammie Clark, gives a presentation on how to successfully plan, create, educate and execute a Trashion Show for kids, focusing on the most difficult challenge: creating wearable, beautiful fashions constructed entirely out of trash. Come see beautiful creations made from trashy items like Starbucks Coffee bags, Charmin packaging, Kellogg's Cereal lids, Target bags, old comic books and so much more!



The hovertrain is a chain of hovercrafts made with materials typically found in a garage. Warning: it is extremely noisy!

Buggy Jr.


This arduino powered robot moves around, with sensors to find its way. I chose this project because I am doing programming in school, and wanted to move on.

Hamburger Robot


Looks like a hamburger but isn't at all. Disguised as an edible object to hide from predators. Reaches for objects that are not in human reached.

Haunted House


Students have built different elements of a spectacularly spooky Haunted House that incorporate mechanical design, artistic crafting, and electronic programming.

Cloud Lamp


Cloud lamp doubles as a small floor lamp and an instant thunderstorm. LED lightning effects and the accompanying sounds of thunder are controlled by Arduino. If you live in the Bay Area, this may be you best chance to experience a thunderstorm.



It's a motion-activated jack-in-the-box featuring a 3D-printed Mario that also plays the Mario theme song. The box is arduino controlled with an RC servo, a ping sensor, and a piezoelectric buzzer for sound.



This windmill looks like an old-fashioned grain-grinding windmill, but it generates electricity. I have always been interested in light houses and windmills.