Effective STEM Education: Project Envisioning with Young Makers


Explore how students become engaged with scientific and engineering practices in the Sanger Community Science Workshop, a free drop-in science workshop offered during out-of-school time. Students become 'Makers' and develop a project vision, and then work to realize that vision using a modified engineering design process. nParticipants will build simple projects from recycled materials while learning how to effectively teach and model science and engineering practices. Examples will be also be modeled and highlighted showing the intersection between making and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Empowering Diverse Young Techies through Soft Circuits


Young women frequently avoid electronics and programming because of its cultural stigmas and apparent lack of creativity. How do we expand computer science culture to be more inclusive to women? Here, we introduce Sew Electric -- a book that engages young people (and adults!) who don't consider themselves techies in creating technology -- by teaching electronics and programming through a series of sewable electronics projects, from building a singing plush monster to crafting a touch-sensitive fabric piano.

Meet Modio, a new app that lets you design and print your own toys at home


Modio, it's the new app that lets you design & customize incredible creatures and turn them into toys using a desktop 3D printer. Easy to use drag and drop functionality lets you build creatures, characters and constructs free-form or from pre-designed templates. Customization features including surface textures let you personalize your creation and then, with the press of a button, your parts are magically sorted by color and prepped to print. So the app is fun but the outcome is also outstanding. With Modio, you get to play! These creations are printed bit by bit and designed to snap together and provide some pretty amazing pose-ability.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Harvest


I will be speaking in depth on soil fertility, organic gardening or farming as it relates to soil health and sustainability. How to build fertile soil and what are the important factors that need to be considered in order to achieve success in the garden and have a healthy harvest. nSpeaking about how microbial elements in the soil help break down the nutrients the plants need to thrive and what those elements are. Focusing on following the path nature established and mimicking those elements in your garden or farm to achieve the best possible conditions for your plants to thrive and be healthy to help resist disease and pests. n

What makes a maker? – Habits, attitudes and skills that you can teach aspiring makers


I teach a maker after school program at Science World, in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by that work, I've spent the past two years researching the common habits, attitudes, and skills of the maker community, so that I can teach them in my class. I will share the results of my research and talk about my experience putting them into practice.

Ryan Cassata


Ryan Cassata is a transgender singer/songwriter credited with six records, regional and national tours, the world's biggest LGBT music festivals, the Harvey Milk Memorial Award, and several network TV appearances.

Cool Tools for the Maker


I will talk about the best of 1,500 tools for do-it-yourselvers, showing off a few of them in person, and also talk about how I successfully self-published this best seller and the tools I used for that. The point of this book is that you don't need to buy a lot of stuff. It is more important just to know these tools exist and that you can use them yourself.

Mobile 3D Scanner


An Arduino + Android based turn table 3D scanner. The Arduino rotates the table while the Android phone takes an image and analyse it. The Arduino and the phone communicate via Bluetooth.

Adopting a Maker Philosophy in Schools


Journeys School of Teton Science Schools is in our second year of introducing the design cycle and the maker concept into our PK-12 school. This presentation will show examples of projects implemented both in the classroom and the adult community.