Complete Beginner’s Intro to Electronics Prototyping


Suitable for ages 7+. No electronic skills required. No soldering involved. Hand out to each participant (limit ~100) packs containing instructions & parts (solderless breadboard, batteries, and some electronic parts). I will perform step-by-step live demo, building a simple but flexible electronic circuit (LED flasher). If time allows,do a few mods to show its flexibility: n* Mod #1: replace LED with orange, yellow, or green LED.n* Mod #2: white LED - using 4 batteries.n* Mod #3: metronome -- add speakern* Mod #4: audio oscillator (Voltage/current/resistance/light to frequency converter)n* and many more!

Makers @ MIT: Admitting & Empowering Technically Creative Students


The Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT) has a long legacy of admitting and supporting students with significant technical creativity.
Join Chris Peterson, Assistant Director for Talented Outreach to Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Academic Superstars at MIT's Office of Admissions, as he describes the MIT Admissions Maker Portfolio, as well as the elements of the Institute which empower makers once they arrive on campus.



To dazzle and delight the kids we have created a customizable arduino powered labyrinth. The course can be changed to be as challenging as you can dream and create! Stretch your mind in maze theory and design.

Survival Gear


Make your own customized Survival Gear bracelets, lanyards, keyfobs Dog gear, in your choice of color combinations and styles from 550 Paracord. Carry yards of cord to be deployed in case of Emergency.



We collect and Felt wool sweaters to Upcycle creating all kinds of custom designed fun & practical products from Wearable Art, & customized heirloom patchwork blankets to Giant Potholder Rugs. Fun kits for parties & groups!

Slicing up the Grand Canyon


A three dimensional model of the Grand Canyon formed from hundreds of pieces of laser cut acrylic. Produced by students of NYC at part of the connected learning curriculum of the Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education.


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