Wikipedia Pavilion


A hackerspace of ideas for the ''free encyclopedia anyone can edit'', with skill share for Wikipedia and free knowledge, edit-a-thon for undercovered topics, and multimedia corner for photos, video and audio by participants.

The Future is Already Here


SciFi thriller writer Daniel Suarez (Daemon, Freedom TM) takes the maker movement to its edges. DIY tech like 3D printing and drones become main characters, and the power of the maker is cast in alternately utopian and dystopian light. Join publisher Tim O'Reilly in probing for Suarez's more recent insights into the near (and present) future.

PR for Hardware Startups and Crowdfunding campaigns


Chris Nicholson, a former New York Times reporter and and head of communications at Celery, explains how entrepreneurs, inventors and online merchants can create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters, and tell effective stories.
Celery helps thousands of small, early-stage companies take pre-orders, and we've learned that after crowdfunding, the difference between success and failure is PR and marketing.

Cool Tools for the Maker


I will talk about the best of 1,500 tools for do-it-yourselvers, showing off a few of them in person, and also talk about how I successfully self-published this best seller and the tools I used for that. The point of this book is that you don't need to buy a lot of stuff. It is more important just to know these tools exist and that you can use them yourself.

The New Literacies


For years, paper and ink were only cheap and easy technologies that everyday people had to record our ideas, muse over them, and show them to others. But now we have a flurry of new modes to capture and share ideas: Video, photography, data, and 3D design and printing. What new types of expression and creativity are possible as we develop these "new literacies"? How do they change the way we think -- and what we think about? This talk will explore the fascinating implications of these new styles.

Anyone can write


I am with Gotham Writers' Workshop, a prominent school of creative writing, offering classes in NYC and online. I will give a brief presentation on creative writing, demonstrating how anyone is loaded with stories to tell, true and fictional.


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