String from Sticks!


Stringmaking Demonstration The knowledge of how to ply fibers into usable lengths is one of the most basic, essential and important of human life skills, and yet, most modern people have never seen it done. Cordage (string) & rope have long been utilized (and treasured) by humans from every part of the world as tools in fishing and hunting, for carrying burdens, constructing shelters, in textiles, for tying bundles of possessions together, and so on. This demonstration helps bring this essential technology to life.

Rory Dawson


Rory has been playing freestyle footbag and developing robotic systems since 2004. Eventually he discovered that he could combine both passions by lighting up and roboticizing footbags and shoes with LEDs and sensors.

Light Up


We are building a scarf, each of our own but it will light up by using LED lights. In the beginning we knit our scarf and we are complete with our project we weave the wires from the LED lights into our scarves to hide them.

Build your own sensor-enabled wearable in minutes. We will take you into the adventures of ultra-low power and tiny sensors – the basis for your own fitness tracker and even more!


In this presentation we will dig into the foundations: ultra-low power design based on Arduino*, future power sources like energy harvesting, and simplified wireless communication to your favored smartphone based on Bluetooth* SMART aka BLE. Projects like fitness tracker, plant monitoring and most of your fantastic ideas are made possible within minutes. The reference design includes a motion coprocessor and sensors for barometric / humidity - all powered by a few uA (micro!). The SD*card sized PCB will be available under OHW.