Visualising Data Via Wearable Technology


I will talk about my work with wearable technology that uses physiological data, in particular, two pieces I have designed and built: the Baroesque Barometric Skirt, which visualises data from three environmental sensors, plus a temperature sensor that pulls in body temperature of the wearer. The other is the EEG Visualising Pendant, which amplifies brainwave attention and meditation data of the wearer, on an LED matrix. The device allows others to make assumptions and interpretations from its visualisations, for example, whether the person wearing the pendant is paying attention or not concentrating.

Fashion and Light


Art, fashion, or technology? The clothing designed and crafted by young maker, Annika Lo (@kikimaker) is a combination of all three, combining practical comfort with interactivity and artistic expression.

From Recording to Listening – some recent projects from The New York Times R&D Lab


We are working on a number of experiments that explore the potential applications of new, semantically-aware listening techniques across various contexts
I'll show several projects that engage with this concept and go over the technologies and design motivations behind each one. Some projects include:nnCurriculum, a group browsing experiment that gives labmates a live feed of the semantic topics we're browsing online.nBlush, an experiment in social wearablesnStreamtools, a graphical application for dealing with streams of datanListening Table, an experiment to capture and understand the semantic residue of a space.



"Eunoia" is an interactive experiment that uses EEG headset (brainwave sensor) to create a real-time audiovisual representation of a performer's brain activities with neurofeedback method.

Navi Smartwatch


I built the Navi Smartwatch because i wanted to make a device that would benefit me and my life by programming many apps to it like a calculator, notes, timer/stopwatch, GPS/digital compass, a flashlight, games and a radio.


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