Spread Code the Brooklyn Way


Momo Akade, a Brooklyn-native, former teacher and lifelong maker, is the founder of Gigabryte, a platform that introduces kids to programming through wearable electronics. She created GigaBryte to help close the racial and ethnic divide in the field of computing. Momo was lucky enough to grow up in Brooklyn in the 80s and 90s, when Hip Hop music and fashion exploded on the scene. In this presentation, she'll pay homage to the MCs, DJs, graffiti artists, and break dancers who shaped her early identity as a maker, as well as to the sneakerhead kids she taught who inspired her to develop new pathways into STEAM.

ThreeForm with Heidi Lee


Fashion-tech innovators ThreeForm and Heidi Lee believe Design should inspire and create delight. See cutting-edge 3D printed work, learn how to make custom wearable 3D prints, create origami hats, and other fun activities.

The SmarTwatCh


The SmarTwatCh is a gigantic wrist wearable loaded with bizarre features. The 3D-printed body holds a glass VFD, laser, TV-B-Gone, Bluetooth chip, breathalyzer, and more. Wearables don't need to be subtle!



We collect and Felt wool sweaters to Upcycle creating all kinds of custom designed fun & practical products from Wearable Art, & customized heirloom patchwork blankets to Giant Potholder Rugs. Fun kits for parties & groups!



ZOOMORPHIC is a critical expression and exploration of sustainability for a future "alien world". It fuses modular wearable technology, bioart, insects, and physical computing to produce homeostatic systems.

Sound Necklace


This is a project to bring fun and playfulness into an accessory; a sound necklace. The necklace is a personal wearable instrument powered by Arduino and Waveshield. It allows the user to make music by pressing the beads.



UV_TASTE is a wearable mouth piece that takes UV light and translates it into taste on the tongue of the user. This object raises awareness on a natural invisible phenomena that affects our lives without being noticed.

Fashion and Light


Art, fashion, or technology? The clothing designed and crafted by young maker, Annika Lo (@kikimaker) is a combination of all three, combining practical comfort with interactivity and artistic expression.


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