Imagining Wearables


We've seen the release of a variety of interesting electronic textile DIY platforms and a boom in consumer wearable gadgets that include self trackers and mobile phone peripherals.But what's missing? And what's coming next? How can we as makers use our making to imagine and prototype possible futures for wearable electronics? This talk will share a range of wildly imaginative projects as well as introduce areas for future making.

Get started with Invent-abling – Smart Materials sets for makers of all ages!


What does it mean to enable inventiveness through craft? Invent-abling sets try to answer this question by combining, electronics, smart materials, and other inventive materials with craft techniques. Each part of the set can be added to your personal maker toolkit, reused to make several awesome interactive projects. In this demo founder, Deren Guler, will walk you through a few basic projects in the Activating Origami Set and Smart Sewing Set and show you how to combine them with other parts. After the demo you can pick up your own sets at the Invent-abling booth and turn your home into invention studio!

Spread Code the Brooklyn Way


Momo Akade, a Brooklyn-native, former teacher and lifelong maker, is the founder of Gigabryte, a platform that introduces kids to programming through wearable electronics. She created GigaBryte to help close the racial and ethnic divide in the field of computing. Momo was lucky enough to grow up in Brooklyn in the 80s and 90s, when Hip Hop music and fashion exploded on the scene. In this presentation, she'll pay homage to the MCs, DJs, graffiti artists, and break dancers who shaped her early identity as a maker, as well as to the sneakerhead kids she taught who inspired her to develop new pathways into STEAM.

Invitation to Innovation: Making Molecules and Minds


Biology teachers and students have struggled to express the inner workings of the cell with more than words. If only there was a model for that!! For my students have taught me that hands-on activities are more effective when the manipulatives are designed with rigor in mind u2013 "minds on" to maximize learning, understanding and retention. I will model the maker approach to teaching challenging concepts in biology, and inspire learners to use current models or make their own, using 3D kits/3D printed models to demonstrate the cool yet mysterious processes of life as well as show off students' maker model projects.

Computer Music Embodiment and Interactive Sound Design


The presentation will be focused on discussing the possibilities available on the market and techniques that allow the use of BioFeedback sensors to compose, perform and interact with music. Adriano's talk will focus on the importance of Kinesthetic for the development of Performance arts and will analyze his collection of work including the use of: Kinect, Leapmotion, iOS, accelerometers and several other ways to control and interact with the computer in the music making process. The presentation will analyze the Interactive Sound Design approach of Adriano Clemente

ThreeForm with Heidi Lee


Fashion-tech innovators ThreeForm and Heidi Lee believe Design should inspire and create delight. See cutting-edge 3D printed work, learn how to make custom wearable 3D prints, create origami hats, and other fun activities.

The SmarTwatCh


The SmarTwatCh is a gigantic wrist wearable loaded with bizarre features. The 3D-printed body holds a glass VFD, laser, TV-B-Gone, Bluetooth chip, breathalyzer, and more. Wearables don't need to be subtle!



We collect and Felt wool sweaters to Upcycle creating all kinds of custom designed fun & practical products from Wearable Art, & customized heirloom patchwork blankets to Giant Potholder Rugs. Fun kits for parties & groups!


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