Rawrz Toys!


RawrzToys combine tech and traditional art techniques to create hand-crafted toys. We design, 3d model & print, silicone mold, resin cast, clean & paint them all! Whimsical narwhales in tophats, sharks, elephants and more!

Astro Botanical Glow Forest


The Magical Glow Forest welcomes you! Play like a Pollenator among the giant florescent flowers! Enjoy the overwhelming fairy tale proportions in the Mega Flora space garden! The Peace of the Star Plants be with you!

Makers in the Nursing Unit: Lessons Learned from America’s Amazing MakerNurses


We launched MakerNurse last year to find inventive nurses around the country who combine the Maker ethic with their own mission to heal patients. After visiting dozens of nursing units, meeting scores of nurses and patients, and testing dozens of medical hardware hacking components, we are finding we can do more to democratize medical fabrication. Makers, nurses and caregivers are at the forefront of this movement. We outline a dozen examples from Brooklyn, TX, CA, MA, VA, and Montana and the maker caregivers behind them. As we create a community that Makes Health, we look at some ideas on how to make it thrive. All of us can DIY Medtech!



A hundred-year old atlas has been refashioned into a popular word game.
I used a laser-cutter to make indentations for the tiles, and pieces of maps for the colored tiles. Many thanks to Ace Monster Toys for their help!

Stilt Factory


Stilt Factory is a resource for bringing the excitement of stilting to all who are interested by streamlining the process of becoming a stilter. We offer free video tutorials at YouTube /StiltFactory.



Modio: build, modify and print to PLAY. Modio is the new app that lets you build & modify incredible creatures and characters then easily print them for play using a desktop 3D printer.
Come create at the Modio play lab!