Your Sustainable Home Brewery: Crash Course In Building it and Using it


Presented by the author of the new book Sustainable Homebrewing, this workshop will focus on making choices for equipment and ingredients that are kind to the environment when setting up a home brewery. Also, the best techniques for brewing sustainably will be discussed as part of an overview of home brewing. A good summary of the key steps to making good beer will be included. Some hands on features can be included if the workshop is held at the location of the Sustainable Homebrewing Exhibit.



boxouse is our answer to gentrification, a movable tiny home made from a shipping container. Build your own house for less than the cost of a car!

Tiny Homes on the Move


Lloyd Kahn, author of SHELTER, the classic 1973 book on hand made housing, will present a slide show of photos and stories from his new book TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE, about 20th century nomads— people whose homes are tiny and mobile, and either on wheels or in the water. There are:n* 8 vansn* 8 pickup-trucks-with-camper-shellsn* 9 housetrucksn* 7 house busesn* 23 trailersn* 15 sailboatsn* 8 houseboatsnnThese are people who, either permanently or temporarily, have chosen to build and inhabit homes that move
Lloyd Kahn is editor-in-chief at Shelter Publications, which has been producing books on owner-built homes for over 40 years.

Hexayurt: Yurtin for Certain


Hexayurts are temporary shelters that you can make yourself! They are 6 sided huts made of lightweight insulation panels and tape, and they flat pack for transport. We'll display a pre-assembled yurt for camping.

How Does Nature Make It?


Last fall MAKE and the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute kicked off a blog series exploring biology and what makers can learn from nature. This presentation will expand on that theme, highlighting the exciting synergies and opportunities that occur where the maker movement and biomimicry meet.

Exhibit is a thriving, community-sourced skill library that celebrates the culture of agriculture through activities such as canning, gardening, and cooking. Got a skill to share? Want to learn? Join the conversation!

smart aquaponics – an IoT application


Humans are destroying the Earth and rushing evolution. The issue is really 'time', humans live for a short while and all want to maximize their potential, Nature is very slow. Using soilless farming and IoT technologies we will show how to create future farms that work around these issues
By modeling the earth and natures we will show how similar models can be recreated using modern technologies. Using linux, robotic technologies and aquaponics as an example we will create productive urban farms of the future that require almost no inputs from humans. n



GridBeam: A Fast & Easy Modular Open Source Building & Prototyping SystemrnProjects,Components,Vehicles Plus Hands On Workshop
Kids Building Zone,Kits & BooksFor SalernGuests:Rosie Radiator & Co. On GridBeam Musical Floor

Upcycle Exchanges: Open Source Craft Supply Shops


The original Upcycle Exchange in St. Louis, MO has been in business for 3 years now, and over 30 sister locations are in operation, or the in process of opening worldwide. We operate independently, with flexible business structures and branding, but under the same basic principles. 1.Our participatory pay-as-you-wish pricing and purchase credit system evolves within each individual store through community participation in value assessment. 2. We display materials in beautiful settings that spark creativity without overwhelming. 3. We only collect/sell art & craft supplies, vintage ephemera, and durable disposables for trending projects.

The Red Couch


Dawn Thomas and Robert van de Walle create kinetic sculptures inspired by a found red velvet couch. Their collaborations are a vehicle for inspiring others and building relationships with other creative, resourceful people.


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