smart aquaponics – an IoT application


Humans are destroying the Earth and rushing evolution. The issue is really 'time', humans live for a short while and all want to maximize their potential, Nature is very slow. Using soilless farming and IoT technologies we will show how to create future farms that work around these issues
By modeling the earth and natures we will show how similar models can be recreated using modern technologies. Using linux, robotic technologies and aquaponics as an example we will create productive urban farms of the future that require almost no inputs from humans. n



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Backyard Livestock


Learn the basics needed to own backyard poultry, rabbits and goats if you live in the city. We will discuss space requirements, local laws, and the basics of getting started.

Backyard Beekeeping


Have you ever wondered what it would take to keep honeybees in your own backyard? It's probably a lot easier than you think! This presentation will give an overview of the time, space, cost and equipment needed to start up your own backyard beehive. In this brief introduction to beekeeping, you'll learn the basics of honeybee biology and behavior, how to care for your bees, the benefits of keeping bees, as well as how to harvest honey, wax and other products. You'll also learn about local associations and other sources of information, so that you can start your own backyard beehive.