SAM, The Friendly Iot Prototyping Platform


SAM is a modular, wirless, cloud enabled, electonics prototyping platform that allows for anyone to build complex electronics systems using out simple software. The presentation will outline SAM's hardware, software, and various uses for SAM. We want to show how easy it is to use SAM to create and how it is hands-down the easiest way for anyone to make complex, wireless systems.

Zoa Chimerum


Jewelry made from electronic materials such as grounding wire and rubber insulation. Form emerges from incremental, growthlike process of layering handcut rubber to produce shapes resembling sea creatures, plants, and insects

Museum of Interesting Things


Museum of Interesting Things, a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques & inventions inspiring innovation & creativity, bringing back tinkering & showing kids & adults their ipods didn't pop out of thin air



A series of observation points made in the manner of large format film cameras with large lenses taken from former military planes (allegedly housed at Governor's Island during the 70's), equipped with smart phone holders.

McGraw-Hill Professional


TAB Electronics is a publishing imprint of McGraw-Hill Education, producing how-to guides for technical hobbyists, makers, students, and inventors. Our mission is to combine fun and education with hands-on, learn-by-doing projects in each book. Propelled by a do-it-yourself ethos in everything from Arduino to steampunk to 3D printing, these guides tap into the booming maker movement, coaching hobbyists of all levels how to


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