The Future of Toys


Toymakers talk about making Toys, using nu-manufacturing and maker tools. From Home-made to Hasbro, we'll be telling stories about how toys are made, can be made and will be made in the future, and how you can invent, make, and manufacture toys too.

MakerPro Presents: PR for Makers


Chris Nicholson, a former New York Times reporter and head of communications at Celery, explains how entrepreneurs and inventors can create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters to tell their storiesnnTopics covered include: Intro to the media, The perfect pitch, and why press releases don't work for startups.

Homegrown Racing Drones


DroneKraft is a new company based in NYC. They will discuss the craft of miniFPV, pod-racing and how it's about to take the world by storm. DroneKraft will also discuss how they produced their new model, the Mach300 (due for release this fall) and what went into design and production.



PourSteady is a Brooklyn-based startup that is building a robotic coffee system that makes consistent, great tasting cups of freshly brewed pour-over coffee for commercial clients and discerning coffee drinkers everywhere.

The Grommet


Founded by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet is a launch platform for innovative products with a purpose by Makers with stories. Visit our booth to experience a variety of early-stage products in action.


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