Space Pressure


The Air Pressure is pretty low in Outer Space. What happens when we subject a marshmallow, a balloon, or shaving cream to these conditions? Check out the mess we make when we place them in a vacuum.

NASA Technology Drives Exploration (And How You Can Get Involved)


The Apollo missions blazed a path to deep space, and today NASA is working on the next giant leap u2013 our path to Mars. Technology drives exploration, and we're building on the Apollo program's accomplishments to test and fly transformative, cutting edge technologies today for tomorrow's missions. But unlike the Apollo missions, where the public could only watch, we want you to get involved and be a part of the journey.

Beyond the Challenges


Challenging Ourselves: From competing in a NASA challenge to sharing a maker shed in your local community, all citizen inventors have a role to play. Cultivating and growing our local maker communities can enable great discoveries and offer advantages to everyone from the small business to the garage designer.

Carbon Origins


Carbon Origins is a start up aerospace company with the goal to make space commonplace. They are currently developing the next generation of suborbital rockets designed to carry small to mid-sized payloads to space. At Maker Faire they are launching an

Pisces Project


Autonomous robots equipped with cameras/ sensors/tools to: assist in monitoring the environment in/outside the space station, aid astronauts on missions, or take the public on live virtual tours of the space station.


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