How One Small Company is Using Maker Technology to Stay Competitive in an Old World Industry


With a few hundred dollars of Arduinos, sensors, and stock parts (learned from Make) my company adapted an old machine to new levels of production. We did this because it was the only way for us to scale up. We think that the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the infrastructure and standards that have grown up around them can enable a manufacturing revolution as important to the growth and survival of small manufacturing as early software such as CP/M and Visicalc were to office automation in the '80s. Small companies trying to compete in the USA finally have affordable tools for automation, and outsourcing for growth is not the only choice now.



Hypnocube melds electronics and art to create ever-changing, visually-enchanting animated light sculptures. We make finished objects as well as kits for those who want the fun of building it themselves. Enthralls all ages.

EcoReco Corporation


EcoReco Corp. is dedicated to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms in urban transportation. We put our efforts to innovate and to develop practical and affordable technologies in order to achieve the goal, because we know only the combination of the right product and the right business model can create sustainable impacts.

QU-BD Inc.


We are the biggest 3D printer company you've never heard of! We currently manufacture components for 31 other 3D printer companies; you may already own some stuff we make and not even know it! We manufacture the World's least expensive 3D printer starting at only $199! Come and see us in the Startup tent!



Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere with Dropcam, the super simple way to monitor places, people and pets. View a secure live stream in stunning HD on your smartphone, tablet or computer. And with optional Cloud Recording you can review past footage, save important clips and receive customized activity alerts.



PONTECH develops and creates the most intricate software and hardware to meet specific needs in automation. Our products can be found in many applications from medical to aquatics, all resulting in our brand new Quick240 product. This product has been developed to help all new and seasoned developers with automation problems that can be solved on a single platform. All for the ease of developing the best software and hardware.

CNCRouter Parts


CNC Router Parts offers a variety of professional, affordable parts and kits for the DIY CNC machine builder, and provides free instructions including complete 3D viewable plans for all of our CNC machine kits. At MakerFaire 2014, we will unveil our new Benchtop CNC series of small-footprint machines, and will be demonstrating them right along side our existing large-format PRO CNC machines.

Other Machine


Other Machine Co. is blending desktop hardware, simple software, and inclusive community to make design and manufacturing more accessible. Based in San Francisco, OMC makes the Othermill, a desktop CNC milling machine that is optimized for high-precision manufacturing in a wide array of materials. Stop by our booth to learn how to use the Othermill to make custom circuit boards, engrave metals, carve wood, and craft intricate jewelry, and create molds.



Integreight develops novel products for the electronic hobbyists and education market. 1Sheeld is the first product, a new hardware gadget comes with an app. that turns your smart phone into any Arduino shield, it recently hit more than 800% of its goal on Kickstarter. The second product is a Smart breadboard that enables you to connect between components on a breadboard without using jumper wires.

Oru Kayak


SAN FRANCISCO, CA The 2014 ISPO Product of the Year, the Oru Kayak, uses a brilliantly innovative, origami-inspired design to transform from a compact suitcase into an elegant, high-performance 12 foot boat. Now in the second year of production, the Oru Kayak is changing the way people explore the outdoors and experience nature. Originally conceived as a kayak for urban apartment dwellers, the Oru Kayak can be stored and transported anywhere, and the applications for it are endless. Paddlers can keep an Oru Kayak in the trunk of the car for spur of the moment expeditions or hike it through the backcountry to remote waters. And, it can be or checked on airplanes as luggage, carried on the back of a bicycle, or transported by train or bus. The Oru Kayak has won widespread praise not just for its clever design and unique capacity to fold up, but also for its on-the-water performance.


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