MakerPro Presents: PR for Makers


Chris Nicholson, a former New York Times reporter and head of communications at Celery, explains how entrepreneurs and inventors can create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters to tell their storiesnnTopics covered include: Intro to the media, The perfect pitch, and why press releases don't work for startups.

Civilian Drones: The Legal Landscape


Drones are increasingly popular for recreation and useful purposes like cinematography, search and rescue, real estate photos, farming, and lots more. These uses have raised questions about the legal framework. Brendan Schulman, the attorney who is defending Raphael Pirker, Texas EquuSearch and others in the FAA drone cases, will present an overview and update on the current legal situation and what drone enthusiasts might expect in the future.

The Grommet


Founded by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet is a launch platform for innovative products with a purpose by Makers with stories. Visit our booth to experience a variety of early-stage products in action.

New York’s Next Top Makers Fellows Announcement


New York Economic Development Corporation Executive Vice President Eric Gertler will announce the selection of 6 companies for the 2014-2015 New York's Next Top Makers program.
The companies are being selected by a panel of expert judges including Maker Faire's Sherry Huss, Makers Row's Tanya Menendez, Microsoft's John Paul Farmer and Power Clip's Robin Reid, who was a 2013 Next Top Maker. The NYCEDC program serves as a catalyst for NYC-based hardware startups, innovative technologists and design-driven entrepreneurs to take their prototypes to market. Sponsors include Microsoft, Autodesk Fusion 360, Capital One Labs and Capital One Investing for Good.

Tinkering Without Friction


'Electronics is not for me', 'I want to MAKE stuff, not code'. Circuit boards are killing home making. While Computers, 3D printers and Laser cutters are making the leap to be friendly enough for everyone to use, digital electronics are struggling to make the leap to be approachable and useable for the masses, creating a clique of the geek. Pimoroni talk about making the leap to playful, helpful, low-friction digital electronics, for everyone.

3D Printing in Space: The Next Frontier!


Any remote location, whether the middle of a desert or the surface of Mars, presents a challenge in terms of obtaining the resources needed to thrive. This is particularly meaningful when applied to space exploration where the supply chain has been severely constrained. This year, history will be made by launching the first 3D Printer to the International Space Station. This technology will forevermore improve the way we live and operate in space and ultimately provide the much-needed solution for sustainable human exploration of the universe.


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