Civilian Drones: The Legal Landscape


Drones are increasingly popular for recreation and useful purposes like cinematography, search and rescue, real estate photos, farming, and lots more. These uses have raised questions about the legal framework. Brendan Schulman, the attorney who is defending Raphael Pirker, Texas EquuSearch and others in the FAA drone cases, will present an overview and update on the current legal situation and what drone enthusiasts might expect in the future.

The Grommet


Founded by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet is a launch platform for innovative products with a purpose by Makers with stories. Visit our booth to experience a variety of early-stage products in action.

New York Next Top Makers


New York's Next Top Makers program, funded by NYCEDC, serves as a catalyst for NYC-based hardware startups, innovative technologists and design-driven entrepreneurs to take their prototypes to market.



For automation and robotics, LabRecon software and hardware allows one to build rich and colorful graphical interfaces with functionality created by graphical programming. A built-in server allows remote internet control.



Hypnocube melds electronics and art to create ever-changing, visually-enchanting animated light sculptures. We make finished objects as well as kits for those who want the fun of building it themselves. Enthralls all ages.

EcoReco Corporation


EcoReco Corp. is dedicated to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms in urban transportation. We put our efforts to innovate and to develop practical and affordable technologies in order to achieve the goal, because we know only the combination of the right product and the right business model can create sustainable impacts.


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