Sweet Treats to eat


Continuing my Nana's tradition of using only local and best quality ingredients, modern recipes meet classical techniques in my kitchen. I feel Nana's love when I bake, love I gladly share with you.

8 Bit Weapon


We make elektronik dance music using vintage computers and classic game consoles as instruments!



A hundred-year old atlas has been refashioned into a popular word game.
I used a laser-cutter to make indentations for the tiles, and pieces of maps for the colored tiles. Many thanks to Ace Monster Toys for their help!

Neon Art Shop


Peterson Neon is a small neon art shop that offers custom neon, artwork, and classes. Students bend and complete a small neon project of their design. Catch Peterson Neon on Mythbusters in the ''Bullet Baloney'' episode!

Technically Beautiful


A display of unusual and visually-compelling vintage computer parts.
Hand-sized IBM chips, gold-coated HP boards, rarely-seen internal ''guts'' from pre-chip computers.

MG Locost


Homebuilt car using a Lotus-type space frame chassis and running gear from a 1972 MGB. Design is based on the book Build Your Own Sports Car by Ron Champion. Build log is at www.mglocost.com