Maker Education for the 2e Student


The challenges of Maker education for the twice exceptional learner illuminate significant issues for STEAM education in every context. Drawing from years of experience in hands-on learning, Kate Yourke will identify goals and obstacles both conceptual and practical, describing ways to enrich, differentiate, integrate and create with students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles. From guar gum to polarizing polymers, with needle felting, silkscreen and enamel, students have experienced the materials and processes of their built environment, gaining insight and making connections while enhancing executive function & coordination.

Optics & Photonics with LEGO(R) bricks


How to fascinate young researchers for the field of optics & photonics? Is there any experimental platform for them to make research at a professional level? How can they follow their own ideas? These questions initiated the idea of transferring optics/photonics-experiments to schools and education by using Lego-bricks. This maker project essentially involves the development of experiments at professional level with excellent opto-mechanical quality at low costs. Construction manuals, parts lists, manuals for experiments, setup- and adjustment movies are published as open-source on the makers' webpage http//

Making It in College


We'll talk about how Making has pathways to engineering majors as its advantages to becoming technically literate are numerous. Programs such that emphasize project-based learningn(Olin, Harvey Mudd College, Arizona State University, Bucknell University) have committed to integration hands-on experiences and building projects into 4 years of engineering curricula. This will not be a selling spiel for our ASU and Bucknell programs but rather a talk connecting project-based learning and Making.


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