Smoke ring trike 2.0


Using a huge, 2 ft diameter, 6 foot long, vortex generator our trike blows giant smoke rings while being pedaled around Maker Faire. At night the trike will be lit up with EL wire and the smoke rings with LEDs.

String from Sticks!


Stringmaking Demonstration The knowledge of how to ply fibers into usable lengths is one of the most basic, essential and important of human life skills, and yet, most modern people have never seen it done. Cordage (string) & rope have long been utilized (and treasured) by humans from every part of the world as tools in fishing and hunting, for carrying burdens, constructing shelters, in textiles, for tying bundles of possessions together, and so on. This demonstration helps bring this essential technology to life.

Ruby Laser


This custom ruby laser was built from surplus parts, and produces enough energy in a single shot to drill holes in metal. Ruby lasers have also been used to make hologram snapshots and to measure the distance to the moon.

Rory Dawson


Rory has been playing freestyle footbag and developing robotic systems since 2004. Eventually he discovered that he could combine both passions by lighting up and roboticizing footbags and shoes with LEDs and sensors.

Let’s measure the Speed of Light!


Everyone talks about the speed of light, but hardly anyone every measures it
This is a fun backyard project - we'll use a laser-pointer (the kind you use to annoy cats); a signal generator will switch the beam on and off a million times a second. A piece of glass will split the light into two beams - one goes to a nearby photodiode, the other laser beam bounces off a distant mirror and returns to a second photodiode
Watch the outputs of the two photodiodes on a dual-trace oscilloscope - you can see the difference in arrival times of the two beams. Divide the distance and by the time difference -- and there's the speed o light!

Prism gyroscope


The prism gyroscope combines optics and mechanical motion on a large scale.rnrnThe prisms refract light and move to change the amount of refraction.rnThe gyroscope can be spun manually to observe the rotating refraction.

Singing Laserium


The Singing Laserium is a mechanical visualization of song. You sing into either (or both for a duet) of the cans to modulate the path of the laser beam. Watch the patterns you create on the wall behind the display.