Illusionist Bryan Patrick


Bryan Patrick's Super Rock n Roll Magic Show!! A show for all ages. Don't miss Illusionist Bryan Patrick, the magician so amazing, he amazes himself!! Making magic for over 20 years!



Come, see, and play with us and our 8ft tall 10kw tesla coil!! Come see our progress on TARDIS Tesla as well. TARDIS Tesla is a lightning performance/game involving two large tesla coils and a replica TARDIS.

Holistic Hooping


Holistic Hooping: Fun Interactive HoopDance Flow Zone: offering plenty of hoops & other tools for dance/play, with impromptu performances & demonstrations, personal instruction, hoop crafting area, and hoops for purchase!

Bard Rock


Shakespeare in concert. Bard Rock reappropriates the conventions of Renaissance theater to create a show that is fun and accessible for all ages. Think of us as modern traveling minstrels.

Destroyed Monster


Destroyed Monster is a theater piece based on a Japanese Noh play, mediated through sets and costumes made of automotive waste and a dumpster-sourced speech activated control system, as well as a how-to exhibit.

Nazca Beats


In celebration of the Nazca people we join in the tradition of music, art and human innovation. Join with centuries of DIYers and release your creativity on our art/tech/sound/beat machine!


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