Circus Warehouse


In 2 shows per day our nimble and fearless acrobats will be flying overhead, defying gravity, and making aerial art for you! After each show, there will be a chance for the kids to try aerial arts for themselves.

Frank Story


For three years Jon Ronson was the keyboard player with the Frank Sidebottom Band. Frank wore a big fake head. Nobody outside his inner circle knew his true identity. They toured the United Kingdom, playing to sell-out crowds in small venues. They rode high. And then it all went wrong... Now Jon presents a one-man show ''Frank Story'' telling the true story behind the new acclaimed fictionalized movie co written by him and starring Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is a tribute to outsider artists too wonderfully strange to ever make it in the mainstream.

Designing a Digital Musical Instrument or Interface


In this talk we will walk through the process of designing a unique musical instrument or interface. We will look at each designer's unique talents and incorporate these into our design, making performing with the instrument easier for the designer. For example, if one is an avid golfer we could incorporate a golf swing as a way to interface with an instrument. We will talk about the first steps of imagination, how to know what sensors to use, figuring out the electronics, and putting our original design together with the electronics. I will also talk about my process and demonstrate several instruments I've made.



"Eunoia" is an interactive experiment that uses EEG headset (brainwave sensor) to create a real-time audiovisual representation of a performer's brain activities with neurofeedback method.

TrasHion Show with Kids: Design Techniques and Show Planning


How do you teach kids to sew if the fabric is trash? Wait, how do you get kids to even wear trash? These questions and more are discussed when the Coordinator for Sunol Glen School Trashion Collective, Cammie Clark, gives a presentation on how to successfully plan, create, educate and execute a Trashion Show for kids, focusing on the most difficult challenge: creating wearable, beautiful fashions constructed entirely out of trash. Come see beautiful creations made from trashy items like Starbucks Coffee bags, Charmin packaging, Kellogg's Cereal lids, Target bags, old comic books and so much more!

Beautiful Machines


Beautiful Machines is a band to see live, wanting to create biofeedback with the audience for an amazing experience. Each show features lights, dancers, lasers, visuals, and a futurist aesthetic.


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