The Smomid is a network of handmade instruments that emit light as well as sound, making use of Arduinos, many types of sensors and high powered LEDs. This network also makes use of a robotic instrument stand in performance.



"Eunoia" is an interactive experiment that uses EEG headset (brainwave sensor) to create a real-time audiovisual representation of a performer's brain activities with neurofeedback method.

TrasHion Show with Kids: Design Techniques and Show Planning


How do you teach kids to sew if the fabric is trash? Wait, how do you get kids to even wear trash? These questions and more are discussed when the Coordinator for Sunol Glen School Trashion Collective, Cammie Clark, gives a presentation on how to successfully plan, create, educate and execute a Trashion Show for kids, focusing on the most difficult challenge: creating wearable, beautiful fashions constructed entirely out of trash. Come see beautiful creations made from trashy items like Starbucks Coffee bags, Charmin packaging, Kellogg's Cereal lids, Target bags, old comic books and so much more!

Beautiful Machines


Beautiful Machines is a band to see live, wanting to create biofeedback with the audience for an amazing experience. Each show features lights, dancers, lasers, visuals, and a futurist aesthetic.

8 Pack Pedal Car


Come out and watch the 8 Pack light up the pedal car races on the FBUC pedal car track. You will see me, and the car carrying more than just six, rip around the track at lighting speeds!

Ryan Cassata


Ryan Cassata is a transgender singer/songwriter credited with six records, regional and national tours, the world's biggest LGBT music festivals, the Harvey Milk Memorial Award, and several network TV appearances.

Camp Pedal Power


Camp Pedal Power is the place to be if you're interested in turning your good clean Pedal Power into usable juice for amazing music, tasty treats, and other awesome activities. Get inspired to turn your idea into reality!



A hi energy musical performance featuring the improvisational Drum & Percussion styles of ''John F. King II, using a Home ''MAKER'D'' drumset instead of traditional musical drum and percussion equipment.


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