Introducing Intelu00ae Edison


Intelu00ae Edison technology packs a robust set of features into its small size -- delivering great performance, durability, and a broad spectrum of I/O and software support. Those versatile features help meet the needs of a wide range of makers and pro-makers. Jim will provide an introduction to using Linux* with the Intel Edison technology's hardware, software, and cloud capabilities. In addition, he will outline how the new Intel Edison board, paired with a number of expansion boards, can support the thousands of ideas on the cusp of being invented.

Learn to prototype projects and applications with the LaunchPad Ecosystem


The LaunchPad Ecosystem from Texas Instruments allows makers to rapidly prototype projects and applications using affordable modular hardware powered by TI technology. TI has one of the largest portfolios of embedded processing, analog, and wireless integrated circuits and you can use LaunchPad to start evaluating these parts for your next project. The Energia IDE allows makers to quickly create code to run on the LaunchPads and drive BoosterPack plug-in modules. Quickly add WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, sensors, displays, LEDs, and more to your LaunchPad project to create demonstrations of home automation, motor control, and dynamic lighting.



PedX is a device for families worried about crossing the street safely with small kids. Attached to a stroller, PedX alerts vehicles to your presence via a bright LED, horn & one-touch camera for taking photos of bad drivers.

Turn flower pots into Internet of Things (IoT) moisture sensors: A live-build!


Inspired by the ''IoT'' and ''the cloud'' but don't know where to start? Create smarter products by easily combining low-cost modular hardware, easy-to-use software & free cloud services for a new twist to projects. Participants will influence a live build from start-to-finish for a garden moisture sensor that texts, tweets and data-logs information to the cloud when it needs water. The open-source hardware/software demo uses a wiring-based rapid prototype platform to program the microcontroller and Node.JS to trigger events in the cloud. Participants will leave with the ability to replicate this project and implement this tech in more designs.


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