The Grommet


Founded by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet is a launch platform for innovative products with a purpose by Makers with stories. Visit our booth to experience a variety of early-stage products in action.

Make a Tune


''Make a Tune'' is an interactive project that allows your to make a tune based on touch senescing and upload to the same to instantly which you can then access/download at your leisure.



Nest, a new stop-motion felted wool video game. Nest is a competitive, 2v2 local multiplayer game where you control cute, wobbly and wonky felted wool creatures and fight to control all the nests in the sky!



A series of observation points made in the manner of large format film cameras with large lenses taken from former military planes (allegedly housed at Governor's Island during the 70's), equipped with smart phone holders.

PR for Hardware Startups and Crowdfunding campaigns


Chris Nicholson, a former New York Times reporter and and head of communications at Celery, explains how entrepreneurs, inventors and online merchants can create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters, and tell effective stories.
Celery helps thousands of small, early-stage companies take pre-orders, and we've learned that after crowdfunding, the difference between success and failure is PR and marketing.

Not Impossible: Hardware & Hacking for the Sake of Humanity


Not Impossible's panel, "Technology for the sake of humanity," will feature a discussion of the increasing opportunities for companies and individuals to harness the power of the maker/hacker community to develop solutions to seemingly insurmountable human challenges. Mick Ebeling, CEO and Co-Founder of Not Impossible will kick off the conversation with a presentation on Project Daniel: Using 3D printers to make arms and hands for children of war in Sudan. Project Daniel serves as a true case study for what is possible when you match creative problem solvers and brilliant technical minds with real-world health issues.

From Concept to Consumer — Searching for the Next Steve Jobs


In this talk, Brady and Katherine will represent two ends of an innovator's journey; from concept to consumer
Brady Forrest, who leads the Highway 1 accelerator program will speak to a company's earliest stages — taking something from concept, to prototype, to manufacturable product. He will speak to some of the common pitfalls and often underutilized resources for hardware startups
Katherine Hague, co-founder of ShopLocket, has worked with hundreds of companies launching and growing hardware businesses online. She will speak to the challenges of rising above the noise to launch a consumer product.

Cool Tools for the Maker


I will talk about the best of 1,500 tools for do-it-yourselvers, showing off a few of them in person, and also talk about how I successfully self-published this best seller and the tools I used for that. The point of this book is that you don't need to buy a lot of stuff. It is more important just to know these tools exist and that you can use them yourself.

Making on a National Scale: NOVA’s MAKING STUFF Outreach Community


In the winter of 2013, NOVA began recruiting STEM educators from across the country for a project wherein participants would use a social media platform to collaborate on the delivery of a set of hands-on maker projects designed for middle school aged learners. Join NOVA Education and learn how the MAKING STUFF national network of 70+ sites has, over the past five months, worked together to create fun, unique, and educational maker experiences for audiences of learners nationwide.


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