Making! @ Computer Clubhouses


The roots of MAKE are also the core values of the 20+ year old Clubhouse culture--learning fueled by interest in innovation and seeded in peer-sharing, designing solutions collaboratively, using everyday materials and expertise. The international Intel Making @ Clubhouses initiative sustains a network of facilitation and new activities development fueled by youth empowerment and efficacy when members identify as Makers. Thanks to Intel and grassroots Making activities everyday in Clubhouses in 20 countries, Clubhouses host local Start Making! programs that are inclusive to underserved populations, especially female and minority youth.

Wikipedia Pavilion


A hackerspace of ideas for the ''free encyclopedia anyone can edit'', with skill share for Wikipedia and free knowledge, edit-a-thon for undercovered topics, and multimedia corner for photos, video and audio by participants.

The Two Week Electric Kart


Students at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School worked after school over a two week period to build an electric kart. They came into the project with few tools, little knowledge of how electric vehicles worked or how to build one. They drove their kart at the Cape Cod Maker Faire. We will discuss the project, its challenges and successes. They got help from experts, and sourced materials from unusual places.

Maker Education for the 2e Student


The challenges of Maker education for the twice exceptional learner illuminate significant issues for STEAM education in every context. Drawing from years of experience in hands-on learning, Kate Yourke will identify goals and obstacles both conceptual and practical, describing ways to enrich, differentiate, integrate and create with students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles. From guar gum to polarizing polymers, with needle felting, silkscreen and enamel, students have experienced the materials and processes of their built environment, gaining insight and making connections while enhancing executive function & coordination.

Power Racing Series


Start with $500 and a Power Wheel or any electric kids' ride on vehicle. Get some new batteries, new motor. Heck, some nice new tires, tie LEDs to the hood, sprinkle it with glitter, maybe a feather for class. Now race it!

A Makerspace at a Children’s Hospital: Designing Mobile Makerspaces for Chronic Illness Patients at a Children’s Hospital


We have designed & implemented the first Makerspace at a children's hospital at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital @ Vanderbilt in Nashville,TN.These innovative,mobile,maker environments have a variety of materials to work with that can be taken around to children in their rooms. Children are invited to design,play, & make things using the given materials.The Makerspaces also virtually connect children in the hospital encouraging joint project collaboration.These Makerspaces not only provide children at the hospital with creative outlets & learning opportunities but also the opportunity to explore medical care from a patients perspective.


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