Making on a National Scale: NOVA’s MAKING STUFF Outreach Community


In the winter of 2013, NOVA began recruiting STEM educators from across the country for a project wherein participants would use a social media platform to collaborate on the delivery of a set of hands-on maker projects designed for middle school aged learners. Join NOVA Education and learn how the MAKING STUFF national network of 70+ sites has, over the past five months, worked together to create fun, unique, and educational maker experiences for audiences of learners nationwide.

The Exploratorium


The Exploratorium is a learning laboratory and playful place to explore and tinker. At Maker Faire, we will experiment with dissections and reanimations through activities, demonstrations, and exhibits.rn

Designing the first Makerspace in a Children’s Hospital.


We are designing the first Makerspace in a Children's Hospital.This novel,mobile, maker environment not only provides patients with creative outlets & learning opportunities,but also an occasion for the hospital to explore new avenues in patient care.The Mobile Makerspace meets health,safety & accessibility requirements of the children.Its philosophy is rooted in understanding the unique needs of patients & families,and in constructivist educational approaches.By sharing compelling stories of child-centered making & problem-solving in the hospital,we hope to inspire other hospitals with space restrictions to create and use Mobile Makerspaces.

Instructables Build Night Program


Program Details:nInstructables partners with companies that makes cool products (past partners include: Sugru, Bare Conductive, Lumi, Cool Neon Jameco, and Voltaic Systems) and put together boxes of materials to send to makerspaces around the world. Each space holds a workshop where they make projects with the materials. We've hosted build nights in over 30 countries with over 2,000 participants. The build nights have brought in over 300 new Instructables.