Building Idaho Makers – A Statewide Approach for Libraries


Have you thought about implementing maker programs in your library? Idaho Commission for Libraries is supporting the implementation of makerspaces in eleven public libraries across the state in year two of the project. The project includes training on tools & technology, leveraging partnerships, involving community, and evaluating outcomes. The results include formal & stealth programming incorporating engineering, robotics, 3D printing & other STEAM topics to draw community members into these innovative programs and spaces! Come discover what Idaho is doing, what we are learning, and what's next.

Sentry Gun Robot


The Sentry Gun Robot is an Arduino controlled robot that carries a sentry gun. We aim and fire the gun from a computer, and the robot uses infrared LEDS and sensors to randomly navigate through obstacles and rooms.

What makes a maker? – Habits, attitudes and skills that you can teach aspiring makers


I teach a maker after school program at Science World, in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by that work, I've spent the past two years researching the common habits, attitudes, and skills of the maker community, so that I can teach them in my class. I will share the results of my research and talk about my experience putting them into practice.

How to Build a Portal Turret (Without Expensive Equipment)


I am building a fully-functional turret from the video game ''Portal 2'' and plan to complete it by April 1st. In my presentation, I will demonstrate the turret's capabilities, including motion detection and tracking, shooting Nerf darts, and retractable side panels. I will also talk about the building process and show photos and video. I will show that anyone can make things, even without a ''real'' workshop. I use commonly available tools like a screwdriver and drill, and a soldering iron to assemble the electronics, which are programmed with the free Arduino compiler.

DIY Sriracha


In this presentation, I will demonstrate the process behind making homemade fermented Sriracha hot sauce, covering the basic science behind lacto-fermentation in addition to the the step-by-steps of the recipe. I'll potentially include a hands-on component to the presentation, so guests will be able to take home a jar of peppers to turn into hot sauce once they have been fermented.

Major in Making in College


Project-based learning is an educational innovation by which a few undergraduate engineering programs (at Olin College, Harvey Mudd College, Iron Range Engineering in Minnesota, and at Arizona State's College of Technology and Innovation) have committed to integration hands-on experiences and building projects into every year of their engineering curricula.nThe Carnegie Foundation's book Educating Engineers: Designing for the Future of the Field, by Sheri Sheppard et al., champions project-based learning (and hands-on making and building) as the progressive direction collegiate engineering programs need to go in order to make successful gradu