Circus Warehouse


In 2 shows per day our nimble and fearless acrobats will be flying overhead, defying gravity, and making aerial art for you! After each show, there will be a chance for the kids to try aerial arts for themselves.

Floppy Windmill


A windmill made of foam rods, which when cranked spins around on top of 10' tower in a floppy fashion.

adaptive [skins] : Smart Materials and Dynamic Systems in Architecture


The project adaptive [skins] questions the static nature of architectural spaces, and engenders dynamism and motion in architecture in a complex and dynamic environment. an investigation exploring design of building skin systems that adapt to the dynamic environmental conditions to regulate the internal conditions in a habitable space, over different periods of time. Smart systems that integrate smart materials and smart geometries are developed that can be self-actuated to adjust to the seasonal changes leading to phenomenal conditioning, energy efficiency and creating dynamic spatial effects, for the interior as well as exterior.

Levitating Wirelessly Powered Sound Circuits


Fine artist Alexander Leonhart talks about his exploration and first creations as he delved into interactive media in graduate school. In search of the strange and wonderful, he transitioned from whimsical constructed photography works to bringing tangible experiences with uncanny electrical operations to his pieces. Meandering the new media world, and after many failed attempts, he created unique levitating wirelessly powered circuits and paper synthesizers sculptures.n

Computer Music Embodiment and Interactive Sound Design


The presentation will be focused on discussing the possibilities available on the market and techniques that allow the use of BioFeedback sensors to compose, perform and interact with music. Adriano's talk will focus on the importance of Kinesthetic for the development of Performance arts and will analyze his collection of work including the use of: Kinect, Leapmotion, iOS, accelerometers and several other ways to control and interact with the computer in the music making process. The presentation will analyze the Interactive Sound Design approach of Adriano Clemente


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