Practical Advice for Bringing Making to School


Parents of makers know that when their children are programming, building robots, and inventing, they are learning. Yet at school, learning becomes serious and sometimes boring. Why can't learning at school be like the vibrant, joyful learning we see at Maker Faire, and in homes of makers all around the world?nnIn the spirit of Maker Faire and global making, we will share practical advice for parents of makers, educators, and makers themselves who want to re-make schools into places where children love to learn once again
In true Maker fashion, everyone has a part to play in this revolution!

The Bbot


The Bbot is a dancing robot with a self enclosed speaker and amplification system. Inspired by the Robot Dance Party, Bbot was built by a 9 year old for Halloween and was recently featured at Marinovators and MarinIJ.



PumpkinFX is an electronic sticker that adds singing animation to your pumpkin. Young makers can choose their own eyes and mouth to create a jack o' lantern face that sings Halloween songs.

How to Start and Run a Maker Club for Kids


While I've worked with kids a lot in making related activities, this is the first time I've started a Maker Club of my own. In the past I've been a regional coordinator for MAKE's Young Maker program and as a profession I teach public middle school. This year I've combined my passions to lead a Maker Club at my school. This presentation will get into the nuts and bolts of running a Maker Club like how to run the meetings, managing supplies and a huge list of tested activities that are sure to be a hit.

Bringing Making Out of the Maker Space


Making builds confidence, sparks curiosity and helps kids discover new areas of expertise. Alison Evans Adnani believes the experience of making needs to be available to every child. Alison founded Maker Junior to bring maker programming out of the maker space and into classrooms, libraries and community centers. Alison will share:n- simple projects that allow for exploration and playn- tips for teaching techniquen- strategies for managing larger groups


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