Computer Music Embodiment and Interactive Sound Design


The presentation will be focused on discussing the possibilities available on the market and techniques that allow the use of BioFeedback sensors to compose, perform and interact with music. Adriano's talk will focus on the importance of Kinesthetic for the development of Performance arts and will analyze his collection of work including the use of: Kinect, Leapmotion, iOS, accelerometers and several other ways to control and interact with the computer in the music making process. The presentation will analyze the Interactive Sound Design approach of Adriano Clemente



The BioBus is a solar-powered science lab housed in an up-cycled 1974 transit bus. Use our state-of-the-art microscopes to explore the microscopic world all around you and take home photos of your discoveries!

Survival Gear


Make your own customized Survival Gear bracelets, lanyards, keyfobs Dog gear, in your choice of color combinations and styles from 550 Paracord. Carry yards of cord to be deployed in case of Emergency.

Make Tools, Not Products


The landscape of entrepreneurship is affected by the Maker Movement and Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi, believes the most compelling companies are focusing on building tools instead of products. How can you turn your idea into a tool others can use?
Genet will share her journey from selling fabric prints in the Los Angeles area to selling her Lumi printing kits in over 1400 stores and 40+ countries around the world. She'll explore how you can decide if your product or project idea would grow faster if you sold components and kits instead of finished goods.


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