Fireworks – A Look Behind the Fuze


Of course we all remember that first firecracker or sparkler as a child. Watching a fireworks display from your picnic blanket on a warm summer night, all are amazed by the sounds and bright patterns in the sky. The tell tale boom of the launch and your eyes look up to find the sky filled with color. A big fireworks display is an amazing thing.

But the work that goes into planning for and setting up a pyrotechnic display is even more amazing. Learn what goes into a large-scale pyrotechnic display. Learn about the tools that are used and what the different types of fireworks are that a pyrotechnic display operator can chose from to fill the sky and delight the audience.
Science and technology go into every display from the firing systems and mortar racks to the chemical components that go into the fireworks themselves. Join us as we take a look at this ancient art that keeps changing with the times.

Learning by Discovery


My book Make: Electronics encouraged readers to learn through hands-on projects that were fun and innovative. My new book, Make: More Electronics, extends this journey. It includes unique experiments with op-amps, comparators, logic chips, and sensors. The projects are entirely original and unlike those that you will find in most electronics-hobby books.

Prototype a design workshop for open maker portfolios


Gluing, stitching, welding. Young makers are full of ideas ready to explore u2013 hands-on. Today, when maker portfolios turn in valuable products for higher education admissions, we are asking: What are appropriate design principles for creating youth-driven maker portfolios? As part of the Maker Ed Open Portfolio Project, we are looking to explore answers to this question by inviting you to join a hands-on workshop that focuses on designing tools and practices that enable young makers to create their own open maker portfolios. In this session, you will learn more about the project and participate in prototyping the workshop hands-on.n

My Cardboard World: Arduino in Context


The beauty of Arduino is being able to build projects that move, light up, make sounds and capture our imaginations. Arduino has broken into classrooms all around the country, but that is only part of the equation. The key teaching embedded electronics, is just that: embedding them. This talk covers a wide range of projects that uses an Arduino, LEDs, motors and sensors paired with cheap, easy to find materials to build projects that put students' imaginations to work

We Can Pickle That!


Cucumbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to veggies that can be transformed into tasty pickled treats. In this hands-on workshop, Kelly McVicker of McVicker Pickles will show you how to make delicious pickles at home. After a quick demo of the steps involved in making both fermented and vinegar-brined pickles, we'll get to chopping. As we work, we'll talk about flavor combinations, how to experiment with new recipes without compromising food safety, and how to incorporate pickles into your meals.



World Health Organization estimates that 158 million people around the world need prescription to prevent low vision or near blindness. EyeCheck is a low-cost alternative for performing eye exams in areas currently underserved by vision services. The solution uses eccentric photorefraction, employing an image capture device with infrared illumination to capture the light reflected from a patient's eyes. Captured images are processed via custom built software, which provides the type of refractive error and its severity. Currently, the team's software is able to detect refractive error with over ninety percent accuracy.

DIY Tea Blending


At DIY Tea Blending, you will learn how to craft your very own tea blend utilizing your senses of smell and taste. Christopher Coccagna, Certified Tea Specialist, and Master Tea Blender for T-WE TEA will teach you about tea then turn you loose!



A hi energy musical performance featuring the improvisational Drum & Percussion styles of ''John F. King II, using a Home ''MAKER'D'' drumset instead of traditional musical drum and percussion equipment.