Best Practices for Open Source Hardware in 2014


In the past year OSHWA, the Open Source Hardware Association, has worked with the community to develop a modern list of best practices for designing, releasing and building upon existing open source hardware projects. Windell Oskay, Vice President of OSHWA, will discuss recommended approaches, touching upon open source design tools, documentation, hosting, licenses, and other current issues. Time permitting, we will also take questions from the audience.

Networked mobile robots with Python or JavaScript on BeagleBone


Building mobile robots keeps getting easier and easier, but we are also expecting them to do more and more. Start with high-level languages like Python and JavaScript to help make integration with everything else on the Internet easier
This presentation is a rapid-fire tour of how people are building robots today using BeagleBone Black. It covers controlling your bot from a web page including a game controller and streaming video and audio from your bot, range finding and collision sensing, determining motion and orientation, determining amount of wheel rotation, network connectivity, web API integration and vision processing.

Making on a National Scale: NOVA’s MAKING STUFF Outreach Community


In the winter of 2013, NOVA began recruiting STEM educators from across the country for a project wherein participants would use a social media platform to collaborate on the delivery of a set of hands-on maker projects designed for middle school aged learners. Join NOVA Education and learn how the MAKING STUFF national network of 70+ sites has, over the past five months, worked together to create fun, unique, and educational maker experiences for audiences of learners nationwide.

Mobile Ham Radio Stations


Ham radio offers the opportunities to explore electronics, build your own gear, explore wireless communications, and network with others. We'll show you how it's done, how to operate a mobile station, and how to get your lice



AerScreen is an innovative display screen unlike any other type of display. Our screen is comprised of only air and water particles, which produce a translucent screen flowing in mid air. A screen that you can interact with.

Home Coffee Roasting


Sweet Maria's Coffee would like to show you how easy it is to roast the freshest coffee at home with just a popcorn popper and a few household items you already have in your kitchen.

Getting Started with 3D Printing


Attend one of our quick Getting Started with 3D Printing sessions to get a sense of the basics of how desktop 3D printers work, what you can expect to make with one right now, and how to learn more so that you can join the "3D Printing Revolution" yourself!


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