The Young Makers Program


In 2010, Pixar partnered with Make: and the Exploratorium to create the Young Makers Program. The program brings together a community of adult mentors and youth ages 8-18 of varying backgrounds, interests, and skill levels to create ambitious open-ended projects. Tony DeRose, a co-founder of the program, will highlight a number of past projects, discuss why Pixar is participating, and describe how you can get involved.

Get started with Invent-abling – Smart Materials sets for makers of all ages!


What does it mean to enable inventiveness through craft? Invent-abling sets try to answer this question by combining, electronics, smart materials, and other inventive materials with craft techniques. Each part of the set can be added to your personal maker toolkit, reused to make several awesome interactive projects. In this demo founder, Deren Guler, will walk you through a few basic projects in the Activating Origami Set and Smart Sewing Set and show you how to combine them with other parts. After the demo you can pick up your own sets at the Invent-abling booth and turn your home into invention studio!

Tinkering Without Friction


'Electronics is not for me', 'I want to MAKE stuff, not code'. Circuit boards are killing home making. While Computers, 3D printers and Laser cutters are making the leap to be friendly enough for everyone to use, digital electronics are struggling to make the leap to be approachable and useable for the masses, creating a clique of the geek. Pimoroni talk about making the leap to playful, helpful, low-friction digital electronics, for everyone.

Accessorize with Wi-Fi


The new SimpleLink CC3100 and CC3200 solutions from TI allow you to add Wi-Fi to anything. With multiple tools including a new camera and audio BoosterPack and sample applications available, you can easily develop your IoT application. Get a sneak peek on these new accessory BoosterPacks and experience the CC3200 right out of the box.

The Two Week Electric Kart


Students at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School worked after school over a two week period to build an electric kart. They came into the project with few tools, little knowledge of how electric vehicles worked or how to build one. They drove their kart at the Cape Cod Maker Faire. We will discuss the project, its challenges and successes. They got help from experts, and sourced materials from unusual places.

Turn Flower Pots into Internet of Things (IoT) Moisture Sensors: A Live-Build!


Inspired by the ''IoT'' and ''the cloud'' but don't know where to start? Create smarter products by easily combining low-cost modular hardware, easy-to-use software & free cloud services for a new twist to projects. Participants will influence a live build from start-to-finish for a garden moisture sensor that texts, tweets and data-logs information to the cloud when it needs water. The open-source hardware/software demo uses a wiring-based rapid prototype platform to program the microcontroller and Node.JS to trigger events in the cloud. Participants will leave with the ability to replicate this project and implement this tech in more designs.

Curiosity, Imagination and Motivation: The Natural Inclinations of Young Makers


The Maker Movement is a technological and educational revolution that is showing the potential to today's young makers. Devices like 3D printers, robots and wearable devices are increasingly being designed and produced by young makers. In this panel discussion, Atmel's Bob Martin and Daniel Ujvari will explore the how the STEM initiative and Maker Movement are influencing young makers and helping to create tomorrow's industry innovators. The panel will feature Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arudino; Quin Etnyre, chief executive officer of Qtechknow and Ayah Bdeir, CEO of littleBits.


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