Portable Raspberry Pi MAME Device


West London-based maker Jason Birch built a hand-held MAME device using a Raspberry Pi connected to a 3.5″ LCD screen. More photos and documentation can be found here. Whether it’s a mini arcade cabinet or a giant coffee table console, wherever an operating system and screen combine, it seems MAME will always have a home. The intriguing aspect of Jason’s build is the ability to switch between video outputs, be it a large HDMI screen or a small LCD screen for portability, while using the same controller board.

MAKE at CES 2013: Sifteo Cubes

MAKE_Conference_Badge-CESFor the upcoming MAKE Volume 33, David Merrill contributed an article called Going Pro, about how makers are turning hand-soldered prototypes into real consumer electronics. He’s here in the Gaming Showcase section at CES showing off Sifteo Cubes, an interactive gaming platform that uses small cubes with embedded sensors and LCD screens. As the co-founder of Sifteo, he’s helped bring this unique gaming platform from prototype to product. Now he’s a part of the community that helps other makers who are looking to make the same leap. Check out the video above for my quick interview with David and look out for his article in MAKE Volume 33.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For the Person who has Everything


Transparent Speaker

You know that person, heck, you probably are that person. The holidays can be difficult for people who are married to/siblings/friends of people like you and me. So, what’s a person to do when you end up on their gift list? Throw in the towel? Get a lousy gift card? No! Get something awesome, and that’s what we have here in this gift guide. Gifts that are a little different, and would make any geek swoon.

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Arduino-Controlled Split-Flap Game

Richard from the Netherlands built this split-flap game as a gift to his niece. Actually, the gift is inside, but you have to win the game to get it!

The wooden box and all the components for the Split-flap display were made on my CNC machine. I used 2mm thick plastic to mill out the 36 cards in the display. The wheels holding the cards and the pulleys for the cardwheel and stepper motor were milled from left over thick plastic blocks. I milled a 10 teeth pulley (XL037) for the stepper motor and a 40 teeth pulley for the cardwheel, giving me a ration of 4:1 and with my 1.8 degree per step motor, this gives me plenty of accuracy to make sure I display the right cards. I did build into my arduino code I can easily change the offset for each card to fine calibrate. I had to do this, as not all my cards where equal in size.

[via Arduino]

Miniatures Painting Station


Tabletop miniatures gamer Bob Simpson built this awesome painting station to work on his Warhammer and Warhammer 40K miniatures and terrain. I spotted this on the Dorks & Dragons page on FB. I was not able to find any more info on it. If you do, please post links below and I will add here.

Minecraft Augmented Reality App

Can’t get enough of Minecraft? Wish you could bring your creations with you wherever you go and interact with them in the real world? Now you can with the Minecraft Reality app by Mojang. That’s right–get chunky 8-bit style graphics rendered in hardware accelerated real-time 3D and mapped over your smartphone’s field of view to deliver your own personal LEGOLAND-like experience. [via TNW]

Profile of Maker I-Wei Huang

The game site Polygon did a really nice profile and video mini-doc on our pal (and MAKE contributor) I-Wei Huang. I-Wei is best known in MAKE circles for Crabfu Steamworks, his steam powered robots and other cool creations that he bodges together in his spare time. In the gaming world, I-Wei is best known as the chief character and toy designer for Skylanders, the wildly-successful video game and toy line. In this video, I-Wei shows off both his Crabfu creations and talks about his creative and design process around Skylanders. We also learn more about how I-Wei and company use 3D printing technology in their design process. There’s a lot to love in this profile, not the least of which is that awesome T-shirt I-Wei is rocking’.

Inside the Skylanders Toy Workshop

ALT CTRL Game Jam, NYU Poly, Oct 19-21

Our pal Phoenix Perry sent us this flyer for an awesome game design jam happening next weekend at NYU Poly’s Game Innovation Lab. MAKE is one of the sponsors. More info here.