Exhibit, founded in 1999, is an authorized e-commerce distributor of electronic components featuring over one million part numbers for purchase exclusively over the Internet. The site features over 350,000 in-stock part numbers from a selection of more than 250 premier brands. offers a one stop shop offering customers a broad product offering spanning active, passive, interconnect, and electromechanical. Users can search this vast inventory of product by part number, keyword, product category, or manufacture. The site offers users tools and information to aid in the buying decision featuring over 250,000 data sheets and product images.

McGraw-Hill Professional


TAB Electronics is a publishing imprint of McGraw-Hill Education, producing how-to guides for technical hobbyists, makers, students, and inventors. Our mission is to combine fun and education with hands-on, learn-by-doing projects in each book. Propelled by a do-it-yourself ethos in everything from Arduino to steampunk to 3D printing, these guides tap into the booming maker movement, coaching hobbyists of all levels how to

QU-BD Inc.


We are the biggest 3D printer company you've never heard of! We currently manufacture components for 31 other 3D printer companies; you may already own some stuff we make and not even know it! We manufacture the World's least expensive 3D printer starting at only $199! Come and see us in the Startup tent!



Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services is proud to sponsor the Young Makers Tent as part of its Making the Future education initiative which seeks to inspire young learners in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and the arts by providing fun hands-on learning opportunities. Young Makers and their instructors from Cognizant's Making the Future Afterschool and Summer programs from across the U.S. will be conducting workshops for children attending the Faire, demonstrating how children can

Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd.


Fuel 3D Technologies, developer of 3D scanning solutions, will be demonstrating its ground-breaking 3D scanner at Maker Faire. Throughout the show, visitors to the company’s stand will be able to find out more about 3D scanning and receive a free 3D scan of their own face. They will then be able to access their file online for 3D printing or to experiment with other applications. In addition, the Fuel 3D scanner will be present on the Feetz stand at Maker Faire to showcase our recent collaboration with the developer of custom fit footwear. Why should I care? The world is getting very excited about 3D and 3D printing, but people are struggling to understand how they can get the content they need for these applications. The Fuel 3D scanner has been developed to allow anyone to generate high-quality 3D models from real-life objects. Fuel 3D has developed an affordable handheld 3D scanner that delivers high resolution shape and color capture for a range of 3D modeling applications, such as 3D printing, as well as on-screen applications like 3D art, animation and game development. The scanner’s ability to accurately capture color 3D models of the face is ideally suited to the rapidly growing trend of personalization.

EcoReco Corporation


EcoReco Corp. is dedicated to provide eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms in urban transportation. We put our efforts to innovate and to develop practical and affordable technologies in order to achieve the goal, because we know only the combination of the right product and the right business model can create sustainable impacts.

Voltset-world’s smartest smartphone multimeter.


Voltset is made by makers, for the makers. nVoltset is always ready for action. The smart AI provides tips based on your reading. The auto-calculator or excel can easily short cut your data to results.Share charts, logs easily. Voltset is your portal to share and connect findings with makers. Besides customizing or downloading useful add-ins for your Voltset App, you can also download step-by-step tutorial from our community. Create new tutorials for others about your latest findings.
Join us with the smartest multimeter for the awesome ironman age.

PR for Hardware Startups and Crowdfunding campaigns


Chris Nicholson, a former New York Times reporter and and head of communications at Celery, explains how entrepreneurs, inventors and online merchants can create strong, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters, and tell effective stories.
Celery helps thousands of small, early-stage companies take pre-orders, and we've learned that after crowdfunding, the difference between success and failure is PR and marketing.

Mechanical Intelligence


A look at the technology behind Dash, the world's first lightning-fast origami robot that you can build yourself. Our animal-inspired design allows us to offer a fun, high performance robot at a price never before possible.
By using advanced manufacturing techniques and bio-inspired design, we have a completely different approach to robotics that alters the way we prototype, manufacture and design robots.



World Health Organization estimates that 158 million people around the world need prescription to prevent low vision or near blindness. EyeCheck is a low-cost alternative for performing eye exams in areas currently underserved by vision services. The solution uses eccentric photorefraction, employing an image capture device with infrared illumination to capture the light reflected from a patient's eyes. Captured images are processed via custom built software, which provides the type of refractive error and its severity. Currently, the team's software is able to detect refractive error with over ninety percent accuracy.


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