The ITS-A-BOB extends playtime with one of the most universal objects in the world—a balloon — and transforms balloons into a playful, social experience to share with othersrn

brandnewnoise by richard upchurch


Handheld wooden recording gadgets made in Brooklyn. With their simple face designs, these tiny works of art combine the feel of a retro handmade toy and a low-fi audio quality reminiscent of cassette tape recorders.

DIYing the Smart Home with WeMo Maker


In this presentation, members of the WeMo engineering team will showcase the limitless creativity and customization the WeMo maker brings to the DIY/Maker community. Watch them wire up a model smart home using the WeMo maker to illustrate how easy it is to bring the home of the future to your existing house and all that it will allow you to do. Perfect for hobbyists that have mastered wiring skills, but lack sophisticated coding skills, the WeMo maker connects nearly any device controlled with a DC switch to the WeMo ecosystem and IFTTT making the possibilities almost endless.

Computer Music Embodiment and Interactive Sound Design


The presentation will be focused on discussing the possibilities available on the market and techniques that allow the use of BioFeedback sensors to compose, perform and interact with music. Adriano's talk will focus on the importance of Kinesthetic for the development of Performance arts and will analyze his collection of work including the use of: Kinect, Leapmotion, iOS, accelerometers and several other ways to control and interact with the computer in the music making process. The presentation will analyze the Interactive Sound Design approach of Adriano Clemente



The AstroPrintu2122 platform makes any 3D printer wireless, color touchscreen, and cloud aware, instantly!rnrnWith AstroPrint you can slice, organize, store, and print designs on nearly any 3D printer from any web enabled device.


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