brandnewnoise by richard upchurch


Handheld wooden recording gadgets made in Brooklyn. With their simple face designs, these tiny works of art combine the feel of a retro handmade toy and a low-fi audio quality reminiscent of cassette tape recorders.

e-NABLE – using 3D printing to give the World a ”Helping Hand.”


Since its creation, E-nable has sought to improve the design of the Robohand prototype, creating solutions for problems with the current designs and enabling people to create them on their own with guidance from the group. We seek to come up with designs that cut costs as much as possible so that more people will have access to these devices. The Makerfaire is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and potential collaborators to continue to develop these life-changing devices that empower people in need and their families.



The AstroPrintu2122 platform makes any 3D printer wireless, color touchscreen, and cloud aware, instantly!rnrnWith AstroPrint you can slice, organize, store, and print designs on nearly any 3D printer from any web enabled device.

DomeCandy Soundtrack


We're working towards building the worlds first modular Bluetooth stereo. We've designed it using digital fabrication techniques, making it completely customizable. Best of all, it will be 100% open source.



3D printed robot head with webcams as its eyes to give an immersive telepresence experience using the oculus rift headset powered by Arduino and node.js



The Kettlebug is a fitness tracker you don't have to wear. It sits on your kettlebell and tracks repetitions, pace, rest, and more, helping you build muscle along with healthy exercise habits. Visit our booth and try it out!


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