The Crucible


We will have a brand new, ultra dynamic interactive fire effect as the centerpiece to our display. We will also have 4 demonstration areas (blacksmithing, glass blowing, art bike, jewelry).



The LED Artist is a Brooklyn, NY based electronic artist.rnrnHe's been tinkering with electronics all his life, and always fascinated with LEDs. For many years he's been building objects with LEDs and often microcontrollers.



Aluminum wire and LED sculptures. Light enough to be suspended from a helium balloon.
Each figure is created by hand-weaving wire stitch-by-stitch around a solid wax form, which is melted away.

Making LAIKA Puppets: From Fabrication To Film


Join LAIKA's Georgina Hayns (Creative Supervisor, Puppet Fab) and Deborah Cook (Costume Designer) as they discuss the process of making a puppet, from initial sketch to final execution. Georgina and Deb will discuss the complex details -- as well as the interdepartmental collaboration -- involved with making puppets for LAIKA's Oscar-nominated animated feature films.

Mobile Sound Lab


The Mobile Sound Lab invites visitors to explore the nature of sound by playing invented instruments and found objects. Using an iPad and a looping application, visitors can record, loop, and upload loops to Soundcloud.