Frank Story


For three years Jon Ronson was the keyboard player with the Frank Sidebottom Band. Frank wore a big fake head. Nobody outside his inner circle knew his true identity. They toured the United Kingdom, playing to sell-out crowds in small venues. They rode high. And then it all went wrong... Now Jon presents a one-man show ''Frank Story'' telling the true story behind the new acclaimed fictionalized movie co written by him and starring Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is a tribute to outsider artists too wonderfully strange to ever make it in the mainstream.

Scattered Light


528 26' lengths of fluorescent flagging tape that play with the space, light, color and perception of NYSCI's Rotunda. The piece exemplifies the maker spirit with all simple and inexpensive materials. On view through 9/13/15.

Geometric Figurative Art Exhibit


Patterns are not always what we think they are, or by any means flat. Using the titles of each India Ink on paper piece, discover the artists' intention. Created by Karl Szilagi, member of the NYSCI Exhibits Team.

Don Cornelius


Don Cornelius is a sheet metal centipede sculpture comprised of individual units the have motors inside them to help the Don keep the beat. Created by Karl Szilagi, member of the NYSCI Exhibits team.

Forest Floor


Small sheet metal insects with electronics that light up, move and emit sounds. Created by Karl Szilagi and Sean Walsh, members of the NYSCI Exhibits Team.

Peace Makers


All of my art has centered around the theme of nature's interaction with mankind, bringing awareness to not only our relationship to ourselves and each other but also to our natural surrounding and our responsibility of making peace with the environment.

Levitating Wirelessly Powered Sound Circuits


Fine artist Alexander Leonhart talks about his exploration and first creations as he delved into interactive media in graduate school. In search of the strange and wonderful, he transitioned from whimsical constructed photography works to bringing tangible experiences with uncanny electrical operations to his pieces. Meandering the new media world, and after many failed attempts, he created unique levitating wirelessly powered circuits and paper synthesizers sculptures.n


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