The Botler


The Botler is a CNC machine with a modular head and software design, enabling milling, 3D printing, and laser engraving on the same device. It also makes common cutting and measuring task easier through a simple web app.

The Two Week Electric Kart


Students at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School worked after school over a two week period to build an electric kart. They came into the project with few tools, little knowledge of how electric vehicles worked or how to build one. They drove their kart at the Cape Cod Maker Faire. We will discuss the project, its challenges and successes. They got help from experts, and sourced materials from unusual places.

Recreating Historic Coney Island, One Layer at a Time


Fred Kahl, aka Coney Island's famed Great Fredini will discuss his exploration of 3D printing including the invention of his open source hardware full body scanning rig, Scan-A-Rama 3D Portrait Studio, and the creation of the Worlds Largest Desktop 3D Printed Art Installation, a 1:13 scale model of Coney Island's Luna Park as it stood 100 years ago. The presentation's theme will underscore the role that maker culture has historically played as popular entertainment.


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