3D Printing and the Replica Prop Community


A world exists where talented makers create replicas of props seen in film and television. Let Todd Blatt walk you through the creation of over a dozen prop replicas in all made possible by 3D printing. This talk focuses on the recreation of the Sonix Victory 75 radio for the Star Wars SandTrooper Backback, miniature replicas of Han Solo in Carbonite, Green Lantern rings, and many others. Come for a glimpse at how 3D printing is actually used by makers, and the details that people go into when creating movie prop replicas

Wearable Dog Gear


Modern technology used in wearable and mobile electronics is accessible to Makers to build and create via the Beagle Bone boards. This provides demonstrations of how makers have leveraged these advances in wearable projects.

Making it Personal: The Maker Movement and the Future of Manufacturing


Thanks to the rise of Making as both a cultural and economic force, entirely new categories and market dynamics are rising in Consumer Electronics, Fashion, and other industries with historically high barriers to entry. Simultaneously, digital fabrication tools have become smaller, better, and cheaper. The democratization of manufacturing is driven by and for Makers, and not only will the factories of tomorrow look and operate more like the cloud services of today, but large investments in tools will no longer required. One day in the not-to-distant future, factories will fit in a garage or small office.