Slicing up the Grand Canyon


A three dimensional model of the Grand Canyon formed from hundreds of pieces of laser cut acrylic. Produced by students of NYC at part of the connected learning curriculum of the Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education.

”Nixie” Rex


I have built a giant Nixie clock. I recreated the technology for making the old fashioned Nixie tubes and scaled them up to gigantic proportions and created a one of kind clock where each tube is nearly 2 feet high



A series of observation points made in the manner of large format film cameras with large lenses taken from former military planes (allegedly housed at Governor's Island during the 70's), equipped with smart phone holders.

QU-BD Inc.


We are the biggest 3D printer company you've never heard of! We currently manufacture components for 31 other 3D printer companies; you may already own some stuff we make and not even know it! We manufacture the World's least expensive 3D printer starting at only $199! Come and see us in the Startup tent!


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