Makers of West Africa


Anna Waldman-Brown from the Fab Lab Foundation and Ghana Fab Lab and Sename Koffi, founder of WoeLab in Togo, will discuss the maker movement throughout West Africa and its contribution to sustainable development. There is a long history of making in Africa, where 75% of the population work in informal industries such as small-scale manufacturing. Now, the Maker Movement and community maker spaces are springing up across the continent to provide public access to tools like programmable electronics and digital manufacturing, which democratize creation and support entrepreneurship.

The Future of Toys


Toymakers talk about making Toys, using nu-manufacturing and maker tools. From Home-made to Hasbro, we'll be telling stories about how toys are made, can be made and will be made in the future, and how you can invent, make, and manufacture toys too.



Preview SUBMERGE! NYC's Marine Science Festival, and learn about local waters through marine-inspired makers! Build and race plankton, steam-powered boats, and underwater robotic vehicles with Hudson River Park and OpenROV!

SITU Studio


Situ Studio, a Brooklyn-based fabrication shop and design studio, will present a documentary detailing their process and making of NYSCI's newest exhibit, Design Lab. Photo credit: John Muggenborg

Making is Design


SITU Studio will present the process of designing, fabricating, and installing the new 10,000 sq ft permanent exhibition space at the New York Hall of Science. Split evenly between a studio and workshop space, SITU fully integrates design and making into its practice. Design Lab is a series of five activity areas designed to host an array of STEM and project-based learning activities. Conceived of as sites to foster and promote problem ideation, tinkering, testing, and displaying results - the architecture is intended to be integral to the types of critical discovery and making that is so crucial to the design process.

The Open City: Rapid Prototyping Strategies that Enable Citizen-Led improvements to Places, Neighbor Interactions and Civic Processes


A panel discussion about emerging practices that give the people who live, work, and visit a place new ways to participate in making it more vibrant, active, inviting and enjoyable. This citizen-led civic prototyping uses a short-term, development cycle focusing on local solutions for local challenges and treats the built environment and municipal processes as open-source content to be hacked and remixed by community members.n

adaptive [skins] : Smart Materials and Dynamic Systems in Architecture


The project adaptive [skins] questions the static nature of architectural spaces, and engenders dynamism and motion in architecture in a complex and dynamic environment. an investigation exploring design of building skin systems that adapt to the dynamic environmental conditions to regulate the internal conditions in a habitable space, over different periods of time. Smart systems that integrate smart materials and smart geometries are developed that can be self-actuated to adjust to the seasonal changes leading to phenomenal conditioning, energy efficiency and creating dynamic spatial effects, for the interior as well as exterior.


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