Making it Personal: The Maker Movement and the Future of Manufacturing


Thanks to the rise of Making as both a cultural and economic force, entirely new categories and market dynamics are rising in Consumer Electronics, Fashion, and other industries with historically high barriers to entry. Simultaneously, digital fabrication tools have become smaller, better, and cheaper. The democratization of manufacturing is driven by and for Makers, and not only will the factories of tomorrow look and operate more like the cloud services of today, but large investments in tools will no longer required. One day in the not-to-distant future, factories will fit in a garage or small office.

PRAIS – the lord


''PRAIS - the lord'' (Pool playing Robotic Autonomous Intelligent System) is an autonomous, artificially intelligent robotic system that plays 8-ball pool using a mix of image processing, AI algorithms and rigid body mechanics.



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Ruby Laser


This custom ruby laser was built from surplus parts, and produces enough energy in a single shot to drill holes in metal. Ruby lasers have also been used to make hologram snapshots and to measure the distance to the moon.