Accessorize with Wi-Fi


The new SimpleLink CC3100 and CC3200 solutions from TI allow you to add Wi-Fi to anything. With multiple tools including a new camera and audio BoosterPack and sample applications available, you can easily develop your IoT application. Get a sneak peek on these new accessory BoosterPacks and experience the CC3200 right out of the box.

The Two Week Electric Kart


Students at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School worked after school over a two week period to build an electric kart. They came into the project with few tools, little knowledge of how electric vehicles worked or how to build one. They drove their kart at the Cape Cod Maker Faire. We will discuss the project, its challenges and successes. They got help from experts, and sourced materials from unusual places.

Power Racing Series


Start with $500 and a Power Wheel or any electric kids' ride on vehicle. Get some new batteries, new motor. Heck, some nice new tires, tie LEDs to the hood, sprinkle it with glitter, maybe a feather for class. Now race it!

Making Board Games More Interactive


In this presentation We would present an interactive way of playing board games in the physical world rather than the virtual world.Our Long Term goal being to enable even the visually impaired or the specially challenged to get the experience of interactive gaming against a computer.We would present our prototype of Automated Chess which enables user to play game of chess on a physical board against a computer or against a friend present at any remote location via internet.


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