Solving Rubik’s Cubes and Multilingual Printing Using EV3


My robots can solve scrambled Rubik's cubes in any orientation in less than 30 moves under 110 seconds. They are also capable of writing in English, some foreign languages, and Braille making them a multilingual printer. I will bring Rubik's Cube Solver, three Rubik's Cubes, the Lego printer, and paper to the Maker Faire. Participants can scramble Rubik's cubes so that the robots can solve them. They can also print their names using my robots and take the banner home.

Electric Mega-Kart


Come drive our Electric Mega-Kart with your iPhone! Download our app, connect your iPhone to our Go-kart via Bluetooth, and start driving. On our app, you can steer, accelerate, and brake the Go-kart. Our Go-Kart can drive up

Best Practices for Open Source Hardware in 2014


In the past year OSHWA, the Open Source Hardware Association, has worked with the community to develop a modern list of best practices for designing, releasing and building upon existing open source hardware projects. Windell Oskay, Vice President of OSHWA, will discuss recommended approaches, touching upon open source design tools, documentation, hosting, licenses, and other current issues. Time permitting, we will also take questions from the audience.