World Health Organization estimates that 158 million people around the world need prescription to prevent low vision or near blindness. EyeCheck is a low-cost alternative for performing eye exams in areas currently underserved by vision services. The solution uses eccentric photorefraction, employing an image capture device with infrared illumination to capture the light reflected from a patient's eyes. Captured images are processed via custom built software, which provides the type of refractive error and its severity. Currently, the team's software is able to detect refractive error with over ninety percent accuracy.

Building Idaho Makers – A Statewide Approach for Libraries


Have you thought about implementing maker programs in your library? Idaho Commission for Libraries is supporting the implementation of makerspaces in eleven public libraries across the state in year two of the project. The project includes training on tools & technology, leveraging partnerships, involving community, and evaluating outcomes. The results include formal & stealth programming incorporating engineering, robotics, 3D printing & other STEAM topics to draw community members into these innovative programs and spaces! Come discover what Idaho is doing, what we are learning, and what's next.

Making/CAD: Shaping Atoms Using Bits


Carl Bass is CEO of 3D design and engineering software company Autodesk. Bass is a maker and spends his spare time building things—from chairs and tables to boats, and most recently, an electric go-kart. He'll talk about the tools that anyone can use to bring their ideas into the physical world--from CAD software to rapid prototyping by 3D printer to CNC.n

From Concept to Consumer — Searching for the next Steve Jobs.


In this talk, Brady and Katherine will represent two ends of an innovator's journey; from concept to consumer
Brady Forrest, who leads the Highway 1 accelerator program will speak to a company's earliest stages — taking something from concept, to prototype, to manufacturable product. He will speak to some of the common pitfalls and often underutilized resources for hardware startups
Katherine Hague, co-founder of ShopLocket, has worked with hundreds of companies launching and growing hardware businesses online. She will speak to the challenges of rising above the noise to launch a consumer product.

Solving Rubik’s Cubes and Multilingual Printing Using EV3


My robots can solve scrambled Rubik's cubes in any orientation in less than 30 moves under 110 seconds. They are also capable of writing in English, some foreign languages, and Braille making them a multilingual printer. I will bring Rubik's Cube Solver, three Rubik's Cubes, the Lego printer, and paper to the Maker Faire. Participants can scramble Rubik's cubes so that the robots can solve them. They can also print their names using my robots and take the banner home.

Electric Mega-Kart


Come drive our Electric Mega-Kart with your iPhone! Download our app, connect your iPhone to our Go-kart via Bluetooth, and start driving. On our app, you can steer, accelerate, and brake the Go-kart. Our Go-Kart can drive up